Your Style Questions Answered on Video: 3


In this video

  • After breast reduction surgery – how does my body shape and proportions change and how will this affect clothing selection?
  • How does someone with a darker value assemble a warm-weather wardrobe?
  • What type of short sleeves do you recommend for big arms?

Breast Reduction and Clothing Fit

Breast Reduction Update – 5 Years On

How Breast Reduction Changed My Life For the Better

Summer Wardrobe with Dark Colouring

How to Choose Colours in Summer When You Have Deep Colouring

How to Wear Your Ideal Colours through the Seasons

C is for Colour

Spring and Summer Looks for High Value Contrast


How to Work with a Limited Colour Palette

Choosing Sleeves to Flatter

How to Flatter Full Upper Arms

What Shape Should My Sleeves Be?

Where to End Your Sleeves

In this Video

  •  I am a tall A shape with a short waist. Where do I end my tops? What about skirts?
  • Do you find there are one or two colours in a palette that just don’t make you look great even though they are in your colour direction?
  • Can you demonstrate monochromatic dressing?


A Shape with Ending Tops and Skirts

Where to End Your Tops

Choosing Top Lengths for Skirts and Pants



What to Do with Conflicting Figure Flattery Advice

Signature Colours

How to Find Your Ultimate Signature Colours

More on How to Find Your Signature Colours

Monochromatic Dressing

What is Monochromatic Dressing anyway?

How to Make a Monochromatic Outfit Interesting


How to Look Taller – Monochromatic Dressing

How to Choose Prints That Work With Your Colour Contrast

In this video

  • In your experience do the majority of people have warm or cool undertone?
  • In your Absolute Colour System which are the most common palettes?
  • Dark jeans are a staple, but don’t look great with my warm, light colouring – any suggestions for looking smart but still dressy casual in jeans?
  • I’m an hourglass with a protruding stomach, where do I end my tops and can I wear high-waisted pants?

Colour Systems

Understanding Colour Systems and Personal Colour Analysis

Why Colour Analysis has Evolved Beyond the Seasons

How to Work with a Limited Colour Palette

If you’d like to know about your colours – a colour analysis is part of my 7 Steps to Style program.

Jeans with Light Colouring

Does it Really Matter What Colour You Wear Below the Waist?

How Anyone Can Wear a High Contrast Print

Choosing a Print with the Right Contrast for You

Where to End Tops

Where to End Tops to Make Your Hips and Tummy Look Slimmer


X Marks the Spot

How to Find the Best Point to End Your Tops and Jackets

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Your Questions Answered

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Your colour and style questions answered with Imogen Lamport


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