Many women feel that they don’t have arms to rival Michelle Obama, and they make genetically have genes for them to be fuller, or just not have the time to do all the bicep and triceps exercises to get them.  So how do you flatter a fuller upper arm?

How to flatter full upper arms

Here are my quick tips on how to flatter them.

You may have heard that cap sleeves just don’t work – but not all cap sleeves are the same. Some are more horizontal (and unflattering) the others are diagonal (toward the vertical) which are a much better option.

Alternatively, a 3/4 sleeve is a great option, but sometimes when it’s hot you want to wear a shorter sleeve, so what other sleeves will work?

Try a flutter sleeve, which is larger and more floaty than your arms.

A sheer sleeve can also disguise well too without making you too hot.

And don’t forget to create a focal point away from your arms so that people don’t even look at them and notice them.



  1. Thank you so much for these tips – I have several tops like the orange one thinking that was the best solution as it covers the top of my arms. Now I can see that it actually cuts across where the problem is worse!

  2. Thank you for clearing up the cap sleeve issue! I bought a dress that has that identical sleeve and it’s so flattering. But, because “cap sleeves aren’t flattering” has been drilled into my head for as long as I can remember, I kept doubting it, despite how great it looks. Now, I know why it works!

  3. Love 3/4 length sleeves. I frequently push up/roll up my jackets and longer sleeves to achieve the same effect. I do have a lovely flutter sleeve Missoni top that I can wear alone or layer over a boat neck top with sleeves. As I age, I found that there is a gravy-like wrinkling in the upper inside of my arms where they bend. The elbows are not particularly lovely either. Even though I am thin, I have BATWINGS and often joke about running to the end of my driveway flapping my arms in order to take flight. SO, COVERAGE is necessary where coverage is needed.

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