X Marks the Spot


Where to End Your Hems

X Marks The Sweet Spot for Hems of All Kinds

We all have sweet spots on our bodies that hems end and flatter us.  Hems for sleeves, for tops and jackets, for coats, skirts, dresses and pants.  Finding your sweet spot can take a little determination and trying different things out, but once you’ve figured them out, it really makes choosing clothing so much easier (and having your garments altered to these great lengths so they flatter you).

Ending hems


When you’re deciding where to end your hems, remember that hems usually create horizontal lines.

Horizontal lines broaden and balance – find out more about how they work here.

Put horizontal lines on your narrow points, not your wide ones, (unless you want them to look wider).

Where to End Hems on Jackets and Tops

So if you have a narrow waist (X, A and 8 Shapes), feel free to end a hem there.  If not (H and O shapes), then end it just below around the hip bone.  

If you have wider hips (X or A shape) and don’t want to draw attention to them, don’t end tops around the top of your thighs, instead, end them just below your waist around your hip bone.

If you have narrow hips (V or I shape) and want to balance your shoulders and add more curve, then end tops around the tops of your thighs.

Ending Tops


Where to End Hems on Skirts, Shorts, Dresses and Cropped Pants

Take a good look at your legs in the mirror.  Notice the slim points, these are the best places to add those broadening horizontals that are created by hems.  

They are usually just above the knee, just below the knee, and below the calf.   

Remember, if you have fuller ankles or calves, be more careful about where your hems end.

And of course – you need to take your body proportions into consideration as well when making these choices!  Find about how to measure them here.

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Have you discovered your sweet spots for ending hems?

X marks the sport - where to end your hems


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