8 Tips Rose Byrne Can Teach You About Adding Dramatic Style Elements to Your Outfits


The Dramatic Personality Dressing Style is one that you may see as bold and attention seeking.  Commonly it includes larger scale patterns, details or accessories, sharp angles in design and bold colours.

It’s a style that suits a stronger personality, one who is not interested in blending-in with the crowd, but instead wants to stand out.  I’m sure that the saying “It’s better to be looked over than overlooked” was written by such a person!

For many women, who don’t want to be the centre of attention all the time, but who are dynamic and vibrant, and do want to express this in their authentic style, then adding elements of the Dramatic dressing style in an outfit can be a great strategy, without feeling “too much”.

When I was looking for a celebrity version to share with you (as I’ve done for the Classic and Relaxed styles already), in my searching for a great example Rose Byrne became my inspiration as she adds Dramatic touches without always going head-to-toe with this style – making it more relatable for many women.

How to Add Dramatic Personality Dressing Style Elements to Your Outfits

What Rose Byrne Can Teach You About Adding Dramatic Dressing Style Elements to Your Outfits

1. Bold Colours

Pops of bold colours add drama to any outfit.  Whether it’s the green top or the red jacket in the image above (or the hot pink shoes in the image below), a pop of colour adds a focal point, particularly to a more neutral outfit.  Brighter colours draw attention and make you take notice  – the warmer overtone colours – such as pinks, oranges, reds and yellows – do this more than cool overtone colours (blues and greens) but any brighter colour will have an advancing quality that makes you look.

2. Structured Pieces

Sharper and more structured pieces are a feature of the Dramatic personality dressing style.   A sharply tailored jacket is an essential dramatic piece.  Pointed toes on shoes, shaper shapes in accessories and garments all add a stronger more yang element to an outfit that tells of a more dynamic and authoritative personality.  Even looking at garment construction why not consider bold graphic elements that are included as part of the overall design.

What Rose Byrne Can Teach You About Adding Dramatic Dressing Style Elements to Your Outfits


3. Feature Accessories

Whether it’s a feature belt, large scale handbag or statement necklace, accessories are one of the easiest ways to add a dramatic twist to your outfit. Accessories create much needed focal points in your outfit, and many find a Dramatic accessory the best way of adding that element of drama to their outfit, without it feeling like its just all too much.

4. Stronger Makeup and Grooming

From a smoky eye to a bold lip colour, the dramatic swoop of black eyeliner to a sharply cut and styled hairdo, how you choose to groom can take you from relaxed girl next door to don’t mess with me boss in the blink of an eye.

What Rose Byrne Can Teach You About Adding Dramatic Dressing Style Elements to Your Outfits

5. High Contrast

Whether it’s a high value contrast in prints or garments or a high colour contrast with complementary colours, upping the contrast in your outfit will always draw more attention and create a more advancing and dramatic element to your style.  If you’re not naturally high contrast get my tips on how to wear it when it’s not right for you.

6. Prints with a Dramatic Flair

Animal prints are seen as a little dangerous (because they replicate the coats of wild and dangerous animals) and so give you a vibe of strength and power. Rose Byrne’s green leopard print dress has the element of bold, but in a more understated way, as the contrast is low so it lowers that overall tone.  Alternatively, prints that include angles  – the sharpness works with a sharper, more demanding personality that is expressed by these style elements.

7. Materials that Shine

Sheen and shine both draw attention, so choosing fabrics and materials for your clothing and accessories that reflect light will always add an element of drama to your outfit.  The maroon coloured leather skirt, the patent heels, the metallic belts all this to Rose’s outfits.  Leather has some boldness and drama to it as it’s heavy weight give it visual presence.

8. Touches of Dramatic

The Dramatic Personality Dressing Style is one that I see most frequently in clothes that are bought but never worn – as when they were bought, they were bought because the owner wanted to buy something “different” from what was in their wardrobe – but went too far outside their sartorial comfort zone.  So if this is you, and something that you’ve identified.  Rather than go head first into this style, why not add small elements or details that are dramatic, and see how comfortable you feel in them, and then add more if you feel it’s right to, or keep them to a small proportion of your outfits if that’s what suits your personality.

You can use the Dramatic dressing style when you want to convey more strength and authority, more dynamism and confidence.  But do it in a way that is authentic to you and to a level that is still comfortable for you.

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8 Tips Rose Byrne Can Teach You About Adding Dramatic Style Elements to Your Outfits


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