6 Reasons Why You Should Wear Statement Necklaces Now


I love a statement necklace. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you’ll generally see me wearing a statement necklace of some kind.

Why do I love them so much?

Well our love affair started when I learned that a large scale (statement) necklace will make your bust appear smaller. And as the owner, at the time, of a rather outsized bust I was keen to get the eyes on my face and away from my boobs.

This started my statement necklace collection. And even though I no longer have such a large bust (after my reduction) I still love wearing statement necklaces as I’ve discovered that they are a powerful accessory in many ways.

6 reasons why you should be wearing a statement necklace

1. They draw eyes up to your face.

Why You Need Statement Necklaces in Your Wardrobe

Creating a focal point near your face will draw attention to it and this is ideal as our face is also known as our “communication centre”.   And as I always say, “If you’re looking in my eyes, you’re not looking at my thighs”.

How to dress so nobody notices your flaws

2. They can add a pop of colour to your outfit

Power of a Statement Necklace - add a pop of colour

Want to add a 2nd or 3rd colour to your outfit?  Well a statement necklace is an easy way to do this.

How to add an accent colour to your outfit

3. They express your personality

Use a Statement Necklace to Express Your Personality

Accessories are an ideal way to express your personality, particularly in the workplace where you may have fewer options about what you can choose to wear to fit into the dress code.

Your statement necklace will tell the world a little more about who you are. It could be more casual and relaxed, more classic and refined, more quirky and edgy, more dramatic and bold… whatever it is that you choose it packs a punch and communicates more about who you are whilst adding a great focal point and detail to your outfit.

How to find necklaces that suit your personality style.

4. They can be used to change the level of refinement of your outfit

Use a Statement Necklace to Dress Down Your outfit

You can choose to dress an outfit down with more simple shapes and textures such as these chunkier resin beads.

Dress up your outfit with a statement necklace or two that sparkles

Or dress your outfit up with some sparkle or layers of more delicate beads.

What are the levels of refinement.

5. They add interest to an outfit

Add a focal point - interest and detail to your outfit with a statement necklace

Your statement necklace can be used to take an otherwise plain outfit (which can be a tad boring) and turn it into somethine more unique.

Where to end your necklaces.

6. They can help you to win friends and influence people (or just start a conversation)

Express your personality and start a conversation with a statement necklace

Seriously, I’ve had so many people stop me and comment on my statement necklaces over the years.  They really are conversation starters and we never know where an conversation may end!

Statement necklaces are particularly useful when making a capsule wardrobe work harder and are ideal for travel as you need less clothes to change the way your outfit communicates.

And what I love most, is that there are so many great sources of statement necklaces that cost little but pack a visual punch.

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  • You look top class in each of your various necklaces. I take on board what you’ve written/shown. My question is how to wear such a necklace after a mastectomy. You see necklaces on me unless almost tight against the neck, go lopsided but look it, rather than asymmetric! In addition wearing a prosthetic bra is rather ‘heavy’ & warm particularly during summer months. Please, I’d appreciate your ideas, after reading your reasons above. Thank you.

  • HI, where do you find such interesting necklaces? (without spending heaps). Could you point us to some good Etsy sites or other places, please? do you go to crafts fairs? Maybe there are also just more creative jewelry designers where you live?

    • Some are from ebay, some are from local chain stores including Target and Lovisa, others are collected on travels or presents (and then I don’t know where they are from)

  • Such a useful tip! I’m a university teacher and tend towards business casual but still self-conscious about being too casual. Using statement pieces helps a lot with that balance between casual enough to be approachable and dressy enough to trigger automatic respect.

  • Wonderful tips to read. Statement necklaces are so popular nowadays and a fashion women should never miss the latest trends!
    I found many beautiful high fashion statement necklaces from JewelryBund.com besides ebay and etsy, so you may have some good findings and thoughts by checking their fashion collections as well.

  • This was so helpful to see the same top with different necklaces, now I want to try it out. Can V shapes wear statement necklaces or will they make my shoulders look bigger?

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