Colour Personality – 3. Bold – Dramatic


Was Number 3 your first choice in the Personality of Colour Quiz?

Understanding the Dramatic Personality Dressing Style Colours

Do you like brighter or bold colours?  Bold patterns? Shiny fabrics?  Then you may be choosing your colour and fabric choices from the Dramatic personality style.

Understand why you choose certain colours to wear - it's based on your personality traits - here are the Dramatic personality colours

Do you love head to toe black, teamed with a bright red lipstick?

High contrast patterns in large or bold designs may float your boat?

If the word bold may be applied to a colour or fabric, then this is likely to fit into this personality style.

This is a strong and noticeable style, not for the faint-hearted!

These colours come easily to some colour groups – the cool or warm and bright colour palettes, and are a little more tricky for those who suit a softer palette but remember you can use simultaneous contrast to ensure that your colours pop and look dramatic, yet still flatter your complexion.

Understand why you choose certain colours to wear - it's based on your personality traits - here are the Dramatic personality coloursDramatic Personality Traits

Some words that you may apply to your personality include:

  • Bold
  • Dramatic
  • Dynamic
  • Assertive
  • Direct
  • Demanding
  • Intense

Details of the Dramatic Personality Style

Other elements of dramatic personality style include:

  • oversized details such as bags, and collars
  • high heels and pointed toes on shoes
  • large scale jewellery
  • clothing tends to be structured and sharp
  • High tech or futuristic is common with you upgrading to the latest phone the minute it is released

Comfort is not particularly important to a truly dramatic, the form is king over function.

The centre of attention is where you like to be, and where these colours will put you.  You may enjoy bringing in the latest fashion colour into your outfit.

Understand why you choose certain colours to wear - it's based on your personality traits - here are the Dramatic personality colours
Wearing a more dramatic colour – hot pink – in a high contrast with the white and navy.


Delve into Personality Dressing Styles

You may have a smidge of this in your personality, or Dramatic may feel totally uncomfortable, in fact, the mistakes in your closet that you never wear may be just too Dramatic in their personality dressing style for you.  If you’d like to fully understand how your personality influences your choice in clothing (and honestly, it’s the most influential aspect of choosing clothes that make you feel like the best version of you), then dive right into my 7 Steps to Style program as Step 1 guides you through this important aspect of discovering your style.

More Tips on Dressing Your Dramatic Personality Style

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How To Make Your Colours Pop

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How to Choose to the Scale of Details and Accessories Based on Your Personality



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  • That's my personality, all right, but I prefer to wear colours that are a little quieter than my bold & assertive self : )

  • it's amazing how those clothes / colours pictured really appeal to me in a "that's real wow-look-at-me-style" sense that I admire on other people, but is totally not me. was I to walk around in those colours, I'd feel like dressing for a costume party.

    I probably would have been a VERY unhappy person in the 80s…

  • That is certainly my personality, and I love dramatic prints. But I don't do as much of the bright accents as I could. I have bold jewelry though and if my feet could take it I'd wear cool high heels. Except they don't go all that well with my job as a landscape designer. How do I balance my love of drama with the need for practical clothing to work in? Maybe that's why I am always somewhat dissatisfied with my everyday wardrobe.

  • Nancy K: wacko bandanas? belts? crazy splashes of color in a work outfit is what I am imagining.

    I am totally not this style myself but do occasionally enjoy playing with a burst of crazy color. Usually in way that I can easily remove it; I am prone to quickly feel silly …

    – tall & slim anon

  • Wow, Yes and No!
    Not my personality but I still love to wear contrasting colors
    Black and white is a combination I
    am drawn to and look good in.
    Black with a red belt, navy with a silver belt.
    And although bold colors look best on me I shun them in large amounts perferring the more subtle road.
    What does that make me?

  • Hm, I like to be bold at work but mostly neutral on the weekends. But I do always love huge, bright bags. I guess I am neutral, with dramatic leanings? lol

  • This is fantastic as am finding I have a marked physical response to the polyvores. They register in my gut, and the physical cue tells me what I want for myself- though can love all the palettes on others.

  • This is really an interesting set of posts for me. I thought initially that I waivered somewhere between 2, 3 and 6. Whilst I love the colours of 2 and 3, the words used certainly don't describe my personality. I'm looking forward to reading about number 6 to see if that is more me.

  • LPC – I do hope you find a few extra colours that make you happy!

    Luinae – these colours so often suit the young too!

    S – you may just add a touch, rather than doing it head to toe!

    Editoresque – it's as important to know what doesn't work for you as what does, so you are never tempted to waste money on something you'll never wear.

    Nancy K – that's difficult – I guess that you can use some bright colours in your work clothes, and just remember to get changed as often as possible into your Real you clothes and accessories!

    Sal – yes definitely you!

    Anonymous – you may be more of a Classic with a dramatic streak – head to toe is too much, touches add enough drama for you.

    Rank – yes – you're Relaxed with a dramatic streak. Often work personality styles are quite different from what we chose outside of work.

    Duchesse – I do find that we relate more to some looks than others – the gut is great for telling you the direction you should take. It's also great, rather than to dismiss or dislike what is not us, but to appreciate it on someone else.

    Carol -how would you describe your personality?

  • Hi Imogen, another fab post. Have never thought of myself as dramatic but perhaps I wear dramatic colours because I feel shy but really want to be noticed deep down : )) I have been following your guidance for a few months now and people have started saying that I look ” very put together” and coordinated. :))))))

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