How to Interpret and Choose Prints and Patterns For Your Personality


The Personality of Patterns in Scarves

This is the topic of the video Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss, though the personality of prints and the discussion on fabric choices extends into other clothing elements outside of the scarf!

So how do you express personality through your patterns?


  • Classic – stripes and repeated straight-line geometrics
  • Feminine – florals, butterflies, curvy
  • Dramatic – animal prints
  • Creative – abstract, bohemian, digital print
  • Rebellious – animal prints, skulls, tattoo motifs

Fabric – How your Personality affects your choice of prints and patterns

How Formal is That Print or Fabric?


  • Silk or satin fabrics are more Classic or Elegant Chic
  • Loose woven cottons are more Relaxed in personality style
  • Lightweight fabrics such as chiffon indicate a more Feminine personality style
  • Heavier fabrics are also more Relaxed in style
  • Nubby and textured fabrics are more Relaxed or Creative in style
  • Fringing is more Relaxed or Creative in personality style

Fabric – How to Choose Patterns and Prints

personality of prints in scarvesColours

Will the colours in the scarf (or garment) tie together other parts of your outfit?

Finding patterns with multiple colours that tie other elements of your outfit together is one of the easiest ways of putting a more colourful outfit together.

Are the colours in the pattern ones you’re attracted to?  If not, avoid the scarf.

Classic – black, white, navy, red, blue

Colour Personality – 1. Neutral – Classic

Relaxed – earth tones, soft sage green, caramel, rust, oatmeal

Colour Personality – 2. Natural – Relaxed/Casual

Dramatic – bold bright colours

Colour Personality – 3. Bold – Dramatic

Creative – interesting mixes of colours, unexpected (may not be bright)

Colour Personality – 4. Eclectic – Creative

Feminine – soft lighter colours, pastels and tints

Colour Personality – 5. Soft – Feminine

Elegant Chic – jewel tones, beige and camel and other light neutrals with smaller pops of colour


  • Small scale prints – Classic, Feminine
  • Medium scale prints – Relaxed, Elegant Chic
  • Large scale prints – Dramatic

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Which Do You Choose?

Now that you understand more about how we interpret patterns and prints, what have you noticed about your scarf collection?  What kind of prints do you choose in your scarves?  Is this different from your clothing?

How are you expressing your personality through pattern?  Do share and let us know in the comments!

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Choosing Prints and Patterns For Your Personality


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  • When I made my style mood board ( which everyone should do) I learned that I’m drawn towards more classic patterns and fabrics, but in creative/dramatic colors. I found this interesting, because I thought I’d be more relaxed and feminine. What my mood board revealed makes more sense for my personality (creative and a bit dramatic) lifestyle (creative) and career (assistant librarian – classic work attire is more appropriate).

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