How to Choose Jeans Styles to Flatter Your Hips


Choosing Jeans to flatter your figure - Inside Out Style blog
My jeans – distress free and good for straighter shapes (H, V, I) are from Calvin Klein

Many X, 8 and A shapes ask me how to make their hips look slimmer, and with jeans being such a staple of so many wardrobes it’s useful to know what kind of details to avoid when choosing a pair.choosing jeans to slim your hips

3 Simple Tips for Choosing Jeans Styles to Make Your Hips Look Slimmer

It’s pretty simple really.  If horizontal lines add width and broaden, then avoid putting any horizontal details around your hip area.  In jeans the most common ways you will find horizontal detail are:

  1. Distressing and whiskering deliberately faded into the denim across the crotch
  2. Pockets  – particularly patch pockets on hips and thighs (which are common on cargo styles)
  3. Embellishment of any kind on the hips from zips to bling or even rips

If you avoid elements like the ones in the image above, you are well on the way to choosing a pair of jeans that won’t add extra width to your hips.

jeans details that will slim your hips


So you can see the difference in the image above – no distressing around the crotch or hip area which means that you won’t be drawing attention to that area of your body.

And as I always say, if you’re looking in my eyes, you’re not looking at my thighs!

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