Jeans and Jewellery


Metscan asked about Jan’s attitudes to jewellery and jeans – here is her reply – FYI – in New Zealand, jandals are their word for flip-flops which in Australia we know as thongs!

“In respect to jeans and jewellery, I think you have to take care when you with putting the two together , it is a bit like levels of refinement. It also depends on your style and how you combine the items .

I personally think that if you are wearing sneakers or a canvas shoe with jeans , then no jewels. However jeans, jewelled jandals and a tank top can look great in the summer with a fabulous beaded necklace, even rubber jandals and a tank top and jeans can look wonderful with a super casual necklace. If you take the mood up a notch and you have a heeled sandal on and a nice top then your jewellery can be a bit more ornate but must still have a casual look to match the mood of the jeans . With boots and jeans , it all depends how you are wearing them.

If you are wearing dress jeans and a silk top then your jewellery can match that level of dress. If you are unsure do the blink test .” Jan Fisher, AICI, Image Coach

I did up this Polyvore to help illustrate Jan’s points.


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  • Love your site's new look!!! I agree and think a simple gold or silver chain or earrings (like the everyday jewelry I wear)is alright with jeans and sneakers. As long as it's very simple.

  • Imogen, thank you so much for this informative post (and all the others). I have learned so much.

    Lol, I always thought I hated jeans because I can never find a pair to fit, but maybe it's because I can't work out the jewelry!


  • Very helpful — with the sneakers, I'd likely wear earrings and maybe a bracelet cuff or a simple brooch on my jacket.

  • Especially like the far-right look! I like jeans with an armful of bangles too. The Toronto Film Festival on next month and I always see the most up to the minute jeans (and sportswear) on the stylists who pour in for the premieres… will let you know.

  • Love the post. The only thing left to consider for me… how about watches? do they go down as jewellery too or are do they go seperate? because even with outfit one, a casual watch would work well, I think.

  • Metscan – always play around with what you have and see what works for you.

    Christina – Thanks – yes simple with more casual works.

    Christine – sometimes jeans are hard to fit – look for something with stretch and try on many different brands – they all fit slightly differently.

    Mater – that's a nice combo.

    Sal – thanks

    Duchesse – didn't even get into bangles! Looking forward to hearing about the film festival and what everyone wears!

    Embellisment – will do a post on watches.

  • I have a rule…only stud earrings and a fine chain if I'm wearing sneakers with my jeans. If I'm wearing cool boots or high heels then, watch out baby! Here comes the Christmas tree.

  • I absolutely adore that 3rd top from the left! Where can I get that? Also, I have a body shape question…I have a "shelf" at the high hip, as described in your body shapes, but I don't know what shape it means I am. I am very busty and very booty-ish.

  • Rosina – nice rule.

    Anon – It's from – all you have to do with a Polyvore is click on the picture and you can find out where everything is from and purchase it online if you so choose!

  • Imogen,
    I adore your new header and you too are just adorable.
    Great tips on jeans and jewelry. I only wear sneakers with them if I am working or going boating, otherwise, I do like a sandal of sorts.

  • Jeans with different shoes styles make you different from others.I have experienced to wear flip-flop with jeans,flip-flop makes your look so pretty.

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