Do You Prefer to Stand Out or Blend In with Your Style?


do you prefer to stand out or blend in with your style


Do you prefer to stand out from the crowd or the people around you (where you work, live) with your style, or do you prefer to blend in and not be so noticeable as you prefer not to get any comments or attract attention?

This video subject was inspired by a reader question who asked about how to feel comfortable when their personal style ideal is very different from those around them.  It’s an interesting topic so Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I decided to have a chat about it in this video.


Which do you prefer to do?  Stand out or blend in?

It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong.  And in many ways, what people notice is difference.  If you feel like you want to dress more stylishly than the “norm” in your area, you are likely to attract comment, but I can tell you that if you consistently keep wearing your new style of clothes, people stop commenting as it becomes your new normal.


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  • Hello, Jill and Imogen! How much I stand out is somewhat dependent on where and what I will be doing. When socializing, I like to stand out and have at least one item on which I would consider a “conversation starter”, just a little something that says that I have a boho/artist in me. I’ve found a lot of likeminded people to talk to this way! Trudging through a food market, I like to blend and just get done with minimal interactions!

  • It depends on the situation I am in. When I am displaying my artwork, I dress colorfully. Like Bernadette, when I am shopping for groceries, I prefer to blend in so the task will be finished ASAP! I find it interesting that Jill has the warm purple scarf and Imogen wears the cooler purple jacket. You are both outstanding looking and so smart with your advice.

  • I usually like to stand out. Which is probably why I rather dress up than down.
    The only time I have voluntarily dressed down was at an event with customers.

  • Excellent points.

    I agree with Jill that focusing on what others are thinking about us is a recipe for an unhappy life!

    And I was surprised by how quickly my friends adjusted their mental pictures of me to ‘stylish’ when I began to dress well consistently. Just as Imogen said, the comments (like “ooh, don’t you look fancy!” “what’s the occasion?”) quickly stopped — which was a huge relief for me.

    I’ve been suppressing my love of being dressed up for too many years. Now it’s just ‘who I am.’ Tomorrow I’m joining some friends who have younger kids at the park for a long leisurely chat while their kids play. And I’m going to be wearing something cool, comfortable, and very stylish. Thanks to you two!

  • Imogen and Jill….love how your outfits coordinated as well as your message. What a great discussion.

  • Wow, this has given me so much to think about! I am very much drawn towards a certain style but am scared to take the plunge, so to speak. Having a history of being abused and wanting to hide and protect myself by becoming invisible…. I think I am still trying to hide even now, years later. Thank you for the lovely, thought-provoking and inspiring video!

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