What’s the Personality of Your Jeans?

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3 Essential Tips for Wearing Denim Jeans - how to interpret jeans styles, and how to dress them up and down

I’d love more information on jeans styles.  If you end up having time and thoughts on the matter, I am very curious as to what element is key to an item’s style: Fabric? Color? Texture? Structure/cut? For example, if the blazer is a dark neutral color and very structured but is corduroy, does texture turn otherwise “classic” into “relaxed”? And/or, do different styles have a key element (e.g., if something is asymmetrical, it’s “creative” by definition, etc.) And how do the different styles tie in with levels of refinement, if at all? Thanks for your guidance!

Personality Styles

Jeans personality style


Classic – dark indigo, no distressing, straight leg or classic bootleg

Relaxed – loose fit, baggy, boyfriend, corduroy, bootleg

Dramatic – waxed or coated denim, dark/black denim, skinny or wide leg

Creative – interesting detail, unusual style, out of the ordinary, distressing (and yes, asymmetry)

Rebellious – rips and tears, or sprayed on super skinny styles, distressing

Feminine – light colours – peach, pink

Elegant Chic – dark navy, straight leg or trouser cut

Now to find out about the level of refinement of your denim

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