16 Ways to Wear Jeans


16 ways to wear jeans - get inspired to smarten up your denim looks - Inside Out Style Blog

Jeans are a staple in so many wardrobes.  In fact I think some people almost exclusively wear jeans (I’ve seen them at weddings … not a good look unless it’s a casual dress code!), but I also often get asked how to make jeans look more than really casual.  So I thought I’d share a bunch of pics to give you some ideas on styling your jeans outfits in different ways to give you more options.

 1. White Jeans and a Denim Jacket

Jeans and denim jacket

Denim jackets are great, but unless you’re either 20 years old or one of the world’s supermodels, it’s hard to carry off the denim-on-denim look.  So wearing your blue denim jacket is good with other clothes (than jeans) or with a white jean or coloured jean (that’s not blue or black).

Add some ankle booties and accessories and you’re away!

How to choose and style a denim jacket tips here.

2. Jeans with a Floaty Scarf

Choosing Jeans to flatter your figure - Inside Out Style blog


A floaty scarf in gorgeous colours will take a plain jeans and tee type outfit to a  higher level.

Find a new stunning scarf here.

3.  Jeans with a Sweater/Jumper and Scarfjeans and a sweater with scarf

Jumpers (as we call them on this side of the world) are a big fashion trend at the moment for winter but they can easily look a little more casual (just like a plain tee in summer will), so adding a scarf to pop an alternate colour is a good way of dressing them up.

I love a knee high boot with my skinny jeans in winter to keep me nice and warm.

I got my sweater from here and scarf from here.  Similar boots to my blue suede knee high ones.

4. Jeans with Over the Knee Boots and Sparkly Earrings

Jeans with over the knee boots

Why not try a funky pair of over-the-knee boots with jeans.  I love these ones with patent croc look and suede and then I bring that shine back up to my face (replicating and creating harmony) with a pair of sparkly earrings.

Shop for Over the Knee boots

 5. Jeans and a Blouse

jeans blouse and boots

Melbourne, where I live, is one of those places that tends to either be quite hot or then cold, not much in between.  But when the weather is right I love a blouse with jeans.  Something in silk or chiffon so it’s comfortable and dresses up the jeans.

This blouse came from Gilt.

6. Jeans and a Cardigan

Jeans and a cardigan


Want to be comfortable and casual, then add a tee with a print and if it’s cool add a cardigan to keep you warm.  A set of wooden beads keeps the outfit from looking anything more than casual so you don’t feel overdressed.

7. Jeans and a Knit with a Belt and Statement Necklace

Jeans and a knit

If you want the comfort of a knit top or tee, then think about how else you accessorise.  Funky coloured shoes, a feature belt, a statement necklace – all these elements add a layer of smart to this casual outfit.

Get great accessorising tips here.

8. Coloured Jeans

Coloured jeans

Coloured jeans are not the height of fashion they were a couple of seasons ago, but the darker shades like burgundy remain in style.  Adding layers, a pattern and texture make for a more interesting outfit than plain blue or black denim.  These are jegging/jeans from Uniqlo which are great for keeping your legs warm in winter.

9. Jeans and Pearls

Jeans and pearls

Dress up your jeans with pearls and then keep it casual with an oxford shoe (these ones from Clarks).

imogen inside out style pearls10. Jeans and a Jacket

jeans and a blazer

Dress up your casual tee and jeans with a jacket to give the outfit more structure.  Don’t forget to accessorise either – bracelet, belt, booties and necklace – you can wear them all at the same time!

The Finishing Touch11. Casual Friday Denim

Casual Friday Denim

Casual Friday is often hard to dress for.  So you want to wear jeans, but you have to remember you’re gong to a place of business, so if you have that meeting why not pop that suit blazer over a blouse and your jeans to keep your denim more dressy and work appropriate.

Discover 8 more ways to style your suit blazer here.

Wardrobe staple dark denim

12. Jeans and Leather

what to wear in winter to stay warm

The pairing of a leather jacket and a pair of jeans is as old as James Dean (or even older).  They go together so well and are a great option to wear out and about on your daily errands.

Get more pashmina scarf tying tips here.

13. Jeans and a Cropped Sweater with Sneakers

jeans and cropped sweater with sneaker

This is a casual look that’s good for everyday chores.  Get my tips on how to wear a cropped sweater with your jeans here.

14. Jeans as a Column of Colour

Column of colour

If you want to look taller or slimmer, why not use your jeans as half of your column of colour.  A fun kimono like this adds a dash of pizzazz (a column doesn’t have to be boring!)

15. Jeans and a Statement Belt


How to conceal your muffin top

A big wide belt like this one is a great way of hiding your muffin top (if you have one!).  It also adds a element of interest to your outfit.   Coated denim also looks dressier than uncoated.

16.  Day to Night Denim

butterfly top romance was born

Take a simple top and jeans for daytime.



And glam it up for nightime with sparkling larger scale jewellery and strappy heels.

There are so many ways to wear jeans and look smart and not sloppy.  Their versatility is why they have become so popular.  What’s your favourite jeans outfit?

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  • Good tips – as usual – .
    I am a fan of non-distressed bootcut denim and wide leg/palazzo with jackets, shrugs, dressy tops and kimono myself ( the latter I belt sometimes, depending on what works better with my busy X shape) . Statement jewelry *always* (plus I enjoy mixing and matching it with my own creations) XD, scarves often.
    Talking of kimono jackets that’s one of my favourite pics of you and not only for the outfit . You’re glowing even more than usual in that shot.

  • this is great. I wear jeans basically everyday. I use almost all of those styles. For winter I created this amazing capsule with tight longsleeves, long cardigans, and scarves.
    in summer I have a bit more troubles finding better styles. I find I need more accessoires so that I dont look naked…
    here in Europe summer is supposed to come. until it gets too warm to wear them at all, I usually turn my jeans up and wear them cropped style, best looking with a low heel wedge, but I also wear nice sneakers or flip flops. Although I am a big X, and therefore have very short legs, I can get away with it, because I have very thin ankles and nice feet.

    My preferred solution for jeans substitutes are linen pants.

  • Love your hair in 13
    This is a great post, very practical, now all we need is you to take up shopping for jewellery and blazers.
    (Noticed more shoes!!!)

  • I liked your suggestions. Great post, as always. I noticed you don’t have your shirts/blouses tucked into your pants in all the photos. Do you think leaving a shirt untucked looks “sloppy”? Do you think an untucked shirts looks more dated?

    • Only if the shirt is too voluminous – if it’s more fitted absolutely not! Really depends on the style of shirt- whether it’s meant to be a tucked one or left out.

  • Ms. Imogen,
    Maybe you’ve covered this topic before but I thought maybe you could help me. I do NOT look good in skinny or straight-leg jeans. I am slightly wider in the shoulders than the hips, and I am a lightly top-heavy plus-sized woman with a large stomach and smaller bum. I look my best in bootcut jeans but they aren’t in style right now. All I see in stores are skinny or straight-leg jeans and shoes to compliment them. Can I wear bootcut jeans without looking incredibly out of style, or do I have to wear skinny jeans even though I look absolutely horrible in them?

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