Why Oversized Clothes Don't Make You Look Slimmer or Your Bust Smaller

Why Oversized Clothes Don’t Make You Look Slimmer or Your Bust Smaller

Reader Question – I have a 44 double D bust and I’m about 172 centimeters tall. I’ve tended to hide my bust in loose flowing clothes and I recently tried a figure flattering dress. I was amazed as I did look busty but in proportion. Why is this this? balanced body proportions Oversized Clothes Don’t Make…

258: Colour and Style Q&A: Ageing, Fit, and Feminine mixed with Relaxed Lifestyle.

The big one for me atm is ageing — I don’t want to give up, any tips?
My biggest issue with fashion is finding ready-made clothing that fits well enough to wear comfortably & look good. I wear a size 8 jean, but need a 14-16 top to fit the bustline. However, the 14-16 shoulders, neck/sleeve openings, sleeve lengths, etc. are too big to look nice on me.
How can I combine my feminine style personality with a relaxed lifestyle? I love florals, lace, pink, skirts and dresses, and feminine details, but as a stay at home mom with five kids (including a baby that I’m breastfeeding), I need my clothes to be practical, comfortable, and casual. I also have (I think) medium high value contrast and medium color contrast, so the very low contrast pastel look of many feminine outfits doesn’t work for me. I would appreciate any tips.

7: Colour and Style Q&A: Synthetic Fabrics, Styling Activity Trackers, Minimise Your Bust, Button Down or Zip Fly on Jeans

In This Episode:
Please can you contrast synthetic fabrics for their wear characteristics, particularly pilling and wrinkles?
How do you style an activity tracking watch (apple watch, fitbit etc) as they are clunky looking?
How to minimise the appearance of my boobs?
If you have a tummy which you want to minimise, which are better zip up or button up fly jeans?