7: Colour and Style Q&A: Synthetic Fabrics, Styling Activity Trackers, Minimise Your Bust, Button Down or Zip Fly on Jeans

In This Episode:
Please can you contrast synthetic fabrics for their wear characteristics, particularly pilling and wrinkles?
How do you style an activity tracking watch (apple watch, fitbit etc) as they are clunky looking?
How to minimise the appearance of my boobs?
If you have a tummy which you want to minimise, which are better zip up or button up fly jeans?

V is for V Neckline

V is for V Neck

There is not just one kind of V neck. There are narrow ones and wide ones, deep ones and shallow ones. Saying “wear a V neck” doesn’t really tell you that much about how flattering the V neck will be on you. Here is my quick guide to choosing the most flattering V neckline for…