Choosing Collars To Balance Your Figure


Understanding collars and lapels


Choosing Collars and Lapels

O/A shape – broader collars to balance hips

I, V shape or petite – narrower/smaller collars not to further broaden shoulders or overwhelm your frame

H, X, 8 shape – medium collars – higher will make you look taller, lower will draw attention to bust and make larger

Large bust – a higher wider collar can balance, but a high opening will cover up your bust (like any high neckline) and make your bust appear larger.

choosing collars



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  • I find with a small bust, the high round, or mandarin color makes me look flatter, as adding some bulk with a collar give the illusion of more up top.

    The way that collarless jacket is shaped would make me feel like an absolute flat pancake. lol. Do you mind expanding on your reasoning on your recommendation there, please? :*)

    • It may make you look flatter, but it doesn’t make you look like the side of a house, the way a high round or mandarin collar does for someone with large breasts. It’s the Coco Chanel look that a smaller bust can carry off, but if you want to make your breasts look larger (not everyone does), then you may prefer a more shaped jacket.

  • I see! Thank you. It’s hard to imagine the opposite problem, as not desiring to resemble a pancake has plagued me most of my life.

    • Angel – hairstyles really are dependent on many other factors – hair texture and type, face shape, how much time you’re prepared to spend doing them and personlity.

  • Hi Imogen – Thanks for “Depends on you neck length and face shape and features and size of your bust! It’s not just about body shape. Wider collars can work”

    OK, shorter neck length and oval face shape with combination features and a big bust and then O/A shape.

    What do you mean with wider collars – collars which show much of the decolleté like V-necks?

    All the best and thanks

    • shorter neck needs a lower or open neckline with a collar
      Large bust is also better with a lower neckline or open collar, a wider collar can also help broaden shoulders and minimise bust size as long as it’s higher at shoulder height not across the bust.

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