28: Colour and Style Q&A: Individual Body Proportions, Activewear Colour Blocking and What You Need in a Small Wardrobe

In This Episode

  •  Can you talk about body proportions -if you’re not just long body or short body – but the individual proportions like a long waist to leg break?
  • Activewear and colour blocking – tips on what to choose for different body shapes?
  • What do you need in your wardrobe, particularly if you only want a small wardrobe?

Body Proportion Tips

How to Use the Golden Mean Proportions When Dressing

How to Measure Your Body Proportions

What Guidelines to Follow When Your Body Shape isn’t “Standard”

Body Shapes and Flattery

Creating Focus on Your Assets

Imogen’s Three Rules of Horizontal Lines

How Diagonal Lines Work in Outfits

What Do You Need in Your Wardrobe

How Many Clothes Do You Need in Your Wardrobe?

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating Wardrobe Capsules

Top 10 Most Popular Wardrobe Capsule Posts

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