Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
24: Colour and Style Q&A: Jeans and Your Tummy, High Colour Contrast Wearing Neutrals, High Value Contrast Wearing Medium Value Colours

In This episode

  • If you have a tummy you want to camouflage, what are the best jeans button colour be? Gold or silver or something that blends with the denim?
  • Can a high colour contrast person who prefers neutrals balance their desire for a neutral outfit while still looking their best?
  • I’m a high value contrast and low colour contrast, how can I wear a top in a bright medium value colour?

Jeans Buttons and Tummy Camouflage

Choosing Prints to Disguise Your Tummy

Top 10 Tips on How To Make Your Tummy Look Slimmer

How to Flatter a Protruding Stomach

High Colour Contrast Wearing Neutrals

How to Wear Your High Colour Contrast When Your Personality Prefers to Blend-In

How to Find Your Ultimate Colour Contrast – Your Three Step Process

Getting the Balance Right with Your Colour Contrast

High Value Contrast but Low Colour Contrast Wearing a Medium Value Colour

How to Wear a Multi-Coloured Item When You’re Not High Colour Contrast

How to Choose Prints That Work With Your Colour Contrast

How to Work with Your Contrast -High Contrast

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