19: Colour and Style Q&A: Blazer for H Shape, Flattering the Back View with a Long Rise, Using a Necklace as a Lynchpin

In This Episode:

  • Short waisted, large bust H shape what to look for in a blazer so I don’t look rounder and bigger?
  • How to dress a long rise high waist low rear body so the back view is flattering?
  • How to create a lynchpin within an outfit using a necklace with the colours of your bottoms?


H Shape Jackets

Body Shape Bible: Understanding How to Dress H Shape Bodies

Don’t Waste Your Money – H Shape

J is for Jackets

Long Rise

13 Ways to Flatter a Super Long Torso or Long Rise


How to Create Waist Definition without a Belt

Body Proportions Explained – Long Rise

Accessories and Your Portrait

How to Choose Linking Pieces and Accessories to Co-ordinate Your Outfit More Stylishly

Why You Should Dress Your Portrait First

How to Get More Mileage From Your Wardrobe with Beauty Bundles

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