Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
16: Colour and Style Q&A: O Shape Style Tips, Dealing with the Shelf Hip 8 Shape

In this Episode

  • As an O Shape how can I feel slim in a summer dress when your body is more exposed?
  • Best styles for a high shelf hip? Is this the same as a short waist?
  • What are the best fabrics to flatter an O shape?

O Shape Dress Flattery Tips

Body Shape Bible: Understanding How to Dress O Shape Bodies

Flattering Your Rounded Lateral Body Shape

How to Choose Print Garments That Flatter

Busy and dense patterns are more slimming

High Shelf Hip 8 Shape

Body Shapes Explained – Figure 8 Shape

Body Shape Bible: Understanding How to Dress 8 Shape Bodies

Don’t Waste Your Money – 8 Shape

Fabrics to Flatter

How to Choose Fabrics to Flatter

Which Sort of Fabric Drape to Choose for My Body

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