Rectangular Scarf Tie


Tie a scarf for summer


There are heaps of ways to tie long rectangular scarves, many are more suited to winter weight scarves.  These days there are so many huge summer weight rectangular scarves but tying them can prove kind of tricky.  This way of tying works well with a larger scarf that you may find overwhelms your frame a little as you can tie it tighter or loser.  Not ideal for a really hot day but good for spring and autumn when it’s not too hot!

Inside Out Style: How to tie a rectangular scarf

Loop the scarf around your neck once and then taking two of the corners, one from each tail, tie them together (like in the first step of tying  your shoelace- over and under way).

Pull the two tails half-way up to your neck.

Then grab the entire scarf in one hand and the knot and the scarf that is around your neck with the other hand and twist it all 90 degrees so that the knot now sits on your shoulder with one tail behind and one in front.

Adjust to suit.


grey and a blue scarf

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  • Dear Imogen,

    Does your outfit in this post count as low or medium-low contrast? (Both in colour and value). Could you also do a post on medium low contrast, as you have all the others already covered, but not this one?

  • I find a pashmina is too much fabric for my frame. I got the idea to cut it in half length-wise and hem it, which worked really well. I was still able to cover my legs with it when we traveled.

  • I keep trying to figure this out and am not quite there. Two questions — are the ends tied together into a true knot, or just the first half of a knot (hopefully that’ll make sense!)…and, what does it look like in the back? Any draping across the back, like in the front? Or just scrunched up high toward the neck? Thanks for any help — I like the look and idea of it!

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