What Exactly is Medium-High Value Contrast?


Inside Out Style: What is medium-high value contrast and how to create outfits with itContrast seems to be a topic that many find kind of tricky so I wanted to post more pictures to give you examples of different kinds of contrast.

Here I’ll be showing you examples of Medium-High Contrast which sits in between Medium Contrast (that is a medium depth colour with either a very light or very dark colour) and High Contrast (which is a very light colour with a very dark colour).

In essence it’s a medium light colour with a really deep/dark colour or a really light colour with a medium-dark colour.  Kind of simple really!

Medium high value contrast
Medium High Value Contrast Outfit: Inari Poncho by Dizingof with unique kimono feature panel (everyone is different)

This outfit I’m wearing would be classed as medium high value contrast.  The grey is medium light and the black is very dark.  The hot pink is bright but medium in value which can make the contrast look higher than medium -more to medium high.

Now for some more examples of Medium-High Value Contrast

In this example, you can see that I’ve teamed medium light with darker for a medium – high value contrast – it’s a step away from a high value contrast, and slightly more than a medium value contrast.

Understanding Medium-High Value Contrast

 To see the difference, compare these outfits.

Understanding Medium-High Value Contrast

Using the same pants, I’ve created high-value contrast and medium-high value contrast outfits.  It’s just that little step difference between them that takes it from being extreme, to a little less so.

This post really helps understand the concept of contrast, it’s about prints, but can be applied to any solid garment combination too:

Choosing a Print with the Right Contrast for You

More resources on Value Contrast:

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