Want to Look More Vibrant? Discover Your Eye Enhancers


eyes not thighsYour eyes are one of the features that I think is important to highlight every time you get dressed.  They are at the centre of your communication centre (that’s a fancy term for your face).  If people are drawn to looking at your eyes, they don’t notice much else about your body, and are certainly not looking at your hips/butt/thighs/stomach/whatever you tend to dress first because you worry about it.

When you’re figuring out your eye enhancers, look at all the colours in your eyes.  You will see there are often a number of different colours in there.  You can use any of these colours as your eye enhancers.  If you have a colour swatch, sit in front of a mirror in good natural lighting (with the light sources shining on your face, not on the mirror) and go through your colour swatch, holding up the colours near your eyes, and pick out the colours that you see reflected in your eyes, the ones that make your eyes look brighter and more alive.  These will be your eye enhancers.  Some people will have lots of them, particuarly if their eyes contain lots of different colours.  Some will have less, if their eyes have fewer colours.  You will be amazed when you look carefully at your eyes just how many colours you may find contained within.

Eye enhancers are particularly good for:

  • Tops
  • Jewellery
  • Scarves
  • Jackets
  • Swimwear (remember if I’m looking at your eyes I’m not looking at your thighs!)

Here are some examples of a few eye enhancers for each of the eyes pictured.

enhance your eyes

eye enhancers
Cool blue eyes
Cool teal eye
Cool teal eye
Warm teal eye
Warm teal eye


eye enhancer warm green eye
Warm green eye



Warm brown eye
Warm brown eye
eye enhancers bronze eye
Warm bronze brown eye



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  • Hi, Imogen! This is very interesting……just went & checked! My eyes are almost exactly the same as the “warm, teal eye”…..they have a slightly deeper ring of the teal at the edge. I often do wear teals, blues , yellows & greens. Feel very confident in these colours. I guess it shows you should usually go with what nature has given you!

    • Great post! My eyes are very similar to the first example (blue eye). I have just ran around backyard taking eye photos also to check! Awful photos. I do wear lots of blue but usually the colors are a bit too bright like cobalt and aqua. My skin color is just warm and my hair is dull blonde and I am getting older so I am morphing into subtler colors. Go Nature!

  • I’m cool and I have darker eye-lashes and eyebrows. I always (perhaps wrongly) detected grey, green and blue (in that order, in descending proportions) in my eyes, it’s a mix really… but the colour that brings them out the best is emerald green, esp if it’s bright/the material or earring has some shine. Turquoise is also great, but any other blue or indeed grey just doesn’t do that much for them. But deep bright cool purple does! (e.g. in make-up colour or the colour of my glasses-frame) (Guess it’s complimentary?!)

    Oh and most people will say that I have blue eyes.

    It’s the oddest thing, my own eyes remain a mystery to me…

  • Fascinating! I think my eyes are cool green. And most makeup and hair people think I have “warm” coloring. Have you encountered this before? And does that mean I can wear both warm and cool colors?

  • Very interesting! My eyes look most like the warm teal example, & I’ve always loved wearing teals, turquoise, blues, & greens (except for greens with a lot of yellow). I definitely see some light yellowish green toward the center of my iris, like the example photo, but if I tried to wear that color I would look deathly ill! I guess I’m confused about whether I’m warm or cool. I have medium brown hair & a fair amount of yellow in my skin tone. I think I definitely look best in cool colors & mostly wear silver jewelry. I’d like to hear your thoughts about this, Imogen – do you come across many people who have elements of both warm & cool in their coloring?

    • Joyce – some people have warmer eyes and cooler skin (or vice versa), and age can change your skin from warm to cool, but eyes or hair remain warm. My eyes have a warmish brown ring around the centre, but they read as a cool blue when you see me from any distance.

  • This is a great post Imogen, I have just been looking at all the colours I my eyes, possibly explains why some people say I have blue eyes, others say green or grey. I think they are blue, that’s what my passport says. I can see in my husband’s eyes how the intensity of the colour and how it stands out depends on what he is wearing.

  • I have a similar issue. My eyes were the bronzed brown till I became a vegan. A year later they had changed dramatically. My two sons still had my bronzed brown eyes till they became vegan over vegetarian. Lots of computer specialists look at my eyes and say warm. Hairdressers say warm hair. But to me it’s all brown. Brown. Brown. If I wear brown I look like a toffee. I’ve lately discovered turquoise even though the centre of my eyes are still bronze brown and there are glimmers of deep olive. I just have to break up the brown.
    I like to wear bronzes and leopard print and deep reds. I can wear orange reds too and deeper toned oranges. Guess then that makes me a Jaffa. lol
    People call me dark eyes and the optometrist assistance said this week my eyes are so dark she has trouble seeing my pupils do mark the multi focals. No matter how many hours I spend looking at frames we all agree on … You guessed it….brown.
    (My mother used to dress me in brown velvet, but me brown bathers and brown blankets. She colour coded her 12 kids for laundry sake.)
    It’s just a world of brown!

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