How to Know if You Have a Long or Short Neck


How to Know if You Have a Long or Short Neck - watch the video to see the simple test


After my post the other day on how to accessorize a long neck, I was asked how do you figure out if you have a long, short or average neck length, so I made this short video to show you.



It all comes down to your hand!  And it’s important you use your hand as it relates to your overall body scale.

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Here are some tips on dressing your neck no matter it’s length or width


V is for V Neck

The Best Necklaces and Earrings for a Long Neck

How to Choose Accessories for a Short Neck

How to Make a Very Long Neck Look Shorter

How to Flatter a Short or Wide Neck

What Jewellery to Choose When You Have a Short or Wide Neck

How to Choose Necklaces to Work with Your Neckline

The Scale of Necklaces Relating To Your Bust Size

Layering Tops – The All Important Neckline



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