One Skirt Styled 9 Ways and Some Packing Tips

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How to style a skirt 9 ways

I’m leaving tonight for my trip to Dubai and I’ve been thinking carefully about packing. Now our itinerary is pretty packed and every night we are expected to dress up in cocktail wear, so I’m packing more than I would if I wasn’t going out to so many fancy restaurants.  But I wanted to share one tip that has occurred to me recently, and that is, the versatility of the multi-coloured skirt, and in fact it’s more functional than just a two coloured pattern.  You may think that it would limit what you can pack, but I’m going to show you how versatile it really is.

This floral skirt I’m packing (from Forever New) I can wear in a multitude of ways, for different occasions.  I can take it dressy, or just wear it to the shopping mall.

Dressy Floral Skirt

Here I’m making it something that I’d wear out to dinner or to the High Tea that I’m going to have at the Burj Al Arab (how exciting is that!), I’d add a little shrug or pashmina to cover my shoulders for cultural modesty.

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  • Hi, I hope you’re having great time in Dubai ☺ I find this post very interesting and useful and have two questions. The first one is related to these gorgeus silver shoes. I remember a post of yours featuring a blue knee-lenght dress and several different shoes in which you recommend silver shoes to ladies with grey hair. Would you have chosen these shoes if you were still a brunette? My second question is about column of colour. Can you create a column using a pattern or a print or you need only solid garments? I thought of small, dense print, medium to low contrast. Thank you and enjoy your stay in Dubai. Best regards, Jelena

    • I wouldn’t have chosen the silver shoes as a brunette, I would have gone for black shoes which would have worked better for me. As far as a column of colour goes, if the skirt has a dominant background colour you can still create one, but if the pattern is very ‘all over’ then probably harder to do.

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