The Best Necklaces and Earrings for a Long Neck


accessories to flatter a long neck

Hello Imogen. I very love your blog articles, great thanks for them! I have too long neck, so I am looking for advice on what to wear accessory wise with a long neck. I know, that higher necklines are great, but I am not sure about earrings design. Please, would you so kindly, can you write me via mail, or via blog post what kind of earrings are great for long neck? 

accessorizing a long neck


Accesorizing a Long Neck Tips

1. Wear higher necklines, if they suit your body (not good if you have a large bust, then you will want to wear lower necklines).

2. With high necklines, such as a boat neck, wear a choker style necklace or one that sits at the collar bone.

3. With a lower neckline, such as a V or Scoop neck, go for a necklace that ends above the neckline, and sits in your decolletage, starting no lower than your collar bone

4. Earrings – ignore the usual rule of not ending them below your jaw, you can go all the way down to shoulder duster.  Avoid anything to short, unless you have hair that goes well below your jawline.

5. Know your balance points and use them to find the best lengths for necklaces and heights of necklines.  No matter the length of your neck, your balance points really make a difference when choosing necklines and jewellery.

6. Work with earring shapes that flatter your face shape – not sure of your face shape?  Find out more about that here.  Then find out which earring shapes flatter your face shape.

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