V is for V Neck


There is not just one kind of V neck.  There are narrow ones and wide ones, deep ones and shallow ones.  Saying “wear a V neck” doesn’t really tell you that much about how flattering the V neck will be on you. Here is my quick guide to choosing the most flattering V neckline for you!


V is for V Neck

The Depth of the V Neck

A shallow V neck will make your neck look shorter than a deep V neck

A shallow V neck won’t make your bust look smaller in the way that a deeper V neck will

A deep V neck will draw your eye lower and make your neck look longer


The Width of the V Neck

A wide V will draw your eyes outwards towards the shoulders making your shoulders look broader

A narrow V will draw your eyes inwards and narrow your shoulders and focus you on the point of the V (downwards)

A wide V works best for more square jaws (rectangle and square face shapes)


The Sharpness of the V Neck

A sharp V is more angular and works best with a more angular pointed chin (diamond or heart face shape)

A soft V is more rounded and works best with a more curved jaw shape (oval, oblong, round face shapes)


As you can see, there are some important elements to consider when choosing your V neck garment!  Which is the most flattering V neck for you and why?



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  • Very interesting….I always thought ANY V-neck would suit me!…I have a square face, short neck, small bust and broad shoulders (H shape)….I can see I need a deep V……the width is a bit confusing…am I better to go for the wide V for my square face, or, the narrow V for my broad shoulders?…..I love these posts!

    • MaryAnn – depends which you feel matters most to you. Do you mind broad shoulders? If not got wide. Otherwise go medium (rather than narrow)

  • Very Interesting…I always thought I could wear any V-neck. I have a square face, a small bust, a short neck and broad shoulders. (H shape). I can see that I need a deep V, but am confused about the width. Would I be better to go for a wide V for my square face, or, a narrow V for my shoulders? I do love these posts!

  • Imogen, does being petite come into play at all? I am 5’3″, with a large bust and broad shoulders (I think I am an X shape) – hourglass with a short waist. I prefer medium width, soft v’s and usually go for mid to deep. But are deep v’s any problem since I am short AND short waisted?

    • Hi Lex

      I am like you in some respects but narrow shoulders and H rather than X. The longer the V, the more I have to wear a cami or risk showing everything. I look forward to Imogen’s response too.

  • I wish I had the benefit of this 30 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of clothing fails. I have a large bust, broad shoulders and a square jaw. I look best in a wide deep, soft-ish V. Spot on yet again Imogen.

  • As usual, Im drawn to the “happy medium” necklines, a neckline that average deep and average wide (I dont know why, but I always prefer balanced looks, never too much or too little, even if they are not necessary the best look sometimes!). But I also prefer a higher narrow v-necks *unless* worn with a undershirt of some sort because I’m one of those people who doesn’t want to show too much cleavage (or baring legs) so I layer these tops/dresses instead. I always been feel uncomfortable (not insecure) from getting compliments or questions about my more intimate bodyparts due to some past experiences (years ago, a male friend of mine got distracted when I wore a fitted dress and asked me to “hide” the bust while other asked if I gained weight. Strange, because Im just an average C, so not *That* well endowed 😐 ).
    I often choose necklines based after what bottom I wear or the occasion), but I do understand why I dont feel comfortable in wide necklines, because Ive broad shoulders, but a lean hourglass waist. I’ve a long decollage, but still prefer my narrow v-necks, sweethearts, “shell” (the ones that are often seen on sheath dresses), collar shirts or turtenecks!

    I haven’t figure out my face shape yet, because I seems to be an combination of oval and diamond (high but narrow forehead, wide cheek bones but narrow but rounded not pointed jawline.) From distance my face shape look more square or round-ish (but I think thats because many of those pics are taken slightly below). People often say my face is oval, but I find it a bit too wide for that, so Im lost. xD Can diamond face shapes be more round?
    A pic for references: https://scontent-a-ams.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/t1.0-9/s600x600/10338877_240177976190824_1757823770758413296_n.jpg

  • I, too, thought that all V-necks were created equal. Now I know why some just don’t quite look right on me…or why some look better than others. Amazing! Question: Does this apply to scoop necklines as well?

  • I never wear V-necks, they are the worst choice for my body shape… They just make my broad shoulders look like those of a wrestler and my relatively small bust is nowhere to be found. Too bad V-necks are obviously considered the absolute best and basic neckline in the whole universe… It’s really hard to find basic tops and sweaters without a V-neck.

    • Alanah – they are promoted by every magazine, who knows little about what really works, but you will find there are lots of other shapes in necklines because V necks are actually more expensive to produce than a crew neck or boat neck, so many manufacturers make other necklines to save a few pennies.

  • It is so interesting to hear you say that Alanah. As someone with a large bust and a short neck I swear the world is full of crew necks and I struggle to find clothes with a v neck.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Terri! I was just about to post that too. Isn’t it funny how the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, ladies ?

  • Imogen – more posts like this one – I always love post in which you explain why something has a special effect!

  • I have short neck, oval/round face, broad shoulders, athletic build and small breasts that are apart. So, should I wear a deep V ? but then my boobs would look smaller. i dont want that. what to do?

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