How to Flatter a Short or Wide Neck


how to flatter a short or wide neck


If your neck is a little shorter than average (less than a hand’s width) or wider than you’d like, you may feel that you look a little squat. So here are a few tips to flatter.

1. Find your balance points and make sure your necklines sit at the first balance point.

2. Wear open necklines

3. Wear collared shirts, open, with the collar turned up.

4. Wear longer necklaces.

5. Wear jackets that close lower.

6. Wear brooches rather than necklaces

7. Wear pendants on very fine chains (so you can barely notice the chain and it doesn’t define the edge of your neck.

8. Wear tops that have embellishment around the neck area so you don’t need to add a necklace for interest.

9. Avoid chokers and high necklines.


Do you have any tips to share on how to flatter a shorter or wider neck?


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  • Hi, I’m wondering if you mean that an average neck is a hands width or a neck that is a hands width is shorter than average? I can read it both ways and I’m just wondering which you mean? Thanks!

  • Thank you, Imogen for good info and tips. I think my neck is average, but somewhat wide-ish.
    I adore and love scarves and silk hankies as accessories. I tried many times to wear light trendy scarves, but there is something wrong with how I look in them. I don’t feel comfortable, more bulky. So, they don’t last and I usually pull them off my neck in the first half an hour of wearing.
    I guess, I just need to wear them like a long necklace, with a knot, am I correct?
    thank you

  • I find long earrings are great with evening gowns. Perhaps this is because the evening jewelry that I can afford seems to be too fine and short for my neck. The line of the earrings (not too wide in shape) seems to make the neck seem narrower and longer, and draws attention up to my face rather than my neck, which a necklace would do.

  • Where your hair length ends can make neck look wider or slimmer. Above bottom of the ear lobe or below shoulder works for me. Stud earrings are not flattering, earrings that hang just below the earlobe seem to make my neck look slimmer. Hats that have brims that take your eyes up instead of
    Down, V neck openings in a large collar make the neck look slimmer.

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