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DVF Snakeskin dress

Networking meeting lunch and a hot day so I went for this DVF Snakeprint dress which is cool and comfortable.


This was my Wednesday outfit, I was spending half the day at the hairdresser getting my 6 weekly cut and colour (thanks to the fabulous team at Anthony Nitson Hair for making me look so good and who understand how to make me a cool blonde). Then the rest of the day at my computer, so comfort was in order.  Warm in Melbourne again, so wore a pair of long shorts with a t-shirt, shrug and my latest accessory – yes that necklace holds my Fitbit!  Love it, found it on Etsy


Silk shirtWore this outfit to do a workshop for Look Good Feel Better in the morning on Monday, then out shopping with a lovely client on a personal shopping trip in the afternoon.  A gorgeous silk shirt I scored a while back from Gilt (one of my favourite online shopping websites) with my ponte navy skirt.

Samonite Imogen Lamport

Day in the office Friday and lucky I was here as I got a delivery of a huge box.  I love package deliveries!  Inside was this gorgeous new Engenero spinner suitcase from Samsonite.  It’s strong as it’s made from polycarbonate, which is important as I don’t want my valuables lost or damaged in transit from an exploding case (and I’ve seen a few of those come off the luggage belt!) and super light, which is great, as no point your luggage limit going on the suitcase rather than the contents.  I’m not packing light for this trip to Dubai as I will have to take my tripod and a whole heap of camera equipment, laptop and other media devices so that I can record and share my trip with you all.  Look out next week for my post on some of what I’ll be doing and what I’m wearing.

I’m also lucky enough to be getting travel insurance sponsored for my trip (I never, ever travel without it) from Bupa who will keep me and my belongings safely covered while I’m away.  You can get 10 days cover for less than $8 per day plus they have an exclusive offer for you wonderful readers of mine.  If you buy Travel Insurance from Bupa before 31 December 2014 you will receive a Travel Adaptor Kit (conditions apply).  Make sure you buy via this link or by calling 1300 555 240 to receive yours.

So to what I’m wearing, my black Calvin Klein straight leg jeans (they fit my straight no waist, no booty body shape) with a crochet top in one of my favourite shades of blue for a lovely Melbourne spring day.  Decided to do the air dry on my new bob a la Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Lawrence.



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  • Dear Imogen
    I have read all the articles on your website and eagerly await your daily updates. I do have a couple of questions for you though, as some of the clothes that you wear seem to contradict your own style advise.

    Now that you have very pale blond hair, pale eyes and pale skin and low contrast, some of the colors that you wear, which suited you when you had black hair and high contrast, seem too bright/strong for your colouring now, for example the blue top in the photo above. Wouldn’t more muted colors suit your new colouring better ?

    Also, I notice that you are wearing a high neck dress and high neck T shirt in the photos above. Although you have had breast reduction, your bra size is still a DD cup and I would have thought a V neck or wrap/cross over dress and top would be more flattering for a larger bust?

    I await your advises.

    • Hi Sal,

      Yes I break my ‘rules’ all the time – as rules are just guidelines, nothing more, and what i wear is also an expression of my personality. As far as my contrast goes, I’m medium contrast, not low, as my eyes are a darker colour, not light (which would make me a low contrast) so I can still wear some contrast.

      Colours – my colouring is still quite bright – going light didn’t change the intensity of the colours I wear, just the value. And I can’t afford to replace my entire wardrobe! I just wear them at a medium contrast now rather than a high contrast. The blue looks brighter in the photo than it does in real life too. So muted comes with the skin softening, not the lightness or darkness of hair – they are unrelated.

      Yes I wear some higher necklines than I used to , I consider my bust to be proportionate to my frame, and I also wear necklaces and other details to distract when I feel necessary, but I don’t think that this high neckline makes me look super busty or large.

      Remember, everything I write is just a guideline and you can choose to follow or ignore https://insideoutstyleblog.com/2014/07/what-are-the-style-rules.html

      • Hey, Imogen. Regarding high neckline you mentioned, Is it common for women with broad/square shoulders to look larger in them?
        Although Im not super busty (32 C/D-ish), have long neck, long “chicken” legs and defined long waist (almost balanced), the advice I read regarding V/X shapes conflicts with my over-all bodyshape. I often find that BOTH low and high necklines dont work with my bodyshape, Higher necklines dont look that well with my long neck (make me look more “flat”), while many high necklines make me look boxy/masculine (people think Im athletic but Ive just high metalbolism and my shoulders are genetic.) I do find collar, cowl and turtlenecks and v-neck sweater layered over blouses works really well or those sleevless tops called “shell” tops. I know that you can balance larger torsos pit with flared hemlines and lighter/brighter/printed bottoms, but my style is more classic and live in a more urban/country enviroment where light colored skirts/pants would *very* bad idea, so that advice dont work. (Prefer lighter tops)

        So Im wondering, are other good alternative that you do make you less larger other than focusing on bottoms? I often you are talking about necklaces, but I dont what kind you are refering to. My bust seems “eat them up” unless they are choker/bib kinds or multi-strands if you know what I mean. 😉 There is a crewneck shimmery pullover, I keep craving for, but since high round necklines dont work on me, I just cant bring myself to buy it. The lenght is fine and it fit properly but its the neckline that emphasize my square shoulders. =/

  • Dear Imogene,

    I live in Dubai and follow your blog and style/color advice regularly. If you’re doing any public events or consults would really enjoying seeing you. If you can disclose a way to get tickets or admission please let me know.


    • Catherine – thanks so much – I’m not doing any events as it’s organised by Dubai Tourism – we don’t have our itinerary yet but maybe we could meet up for a drink it I’m given any time off!

  • I love that blue crocheted top. I think it’s one of the most flattering things I’ve seen you wear! I think the color works, in spite of lower contrast now, because it brings out your eyes. I also like the new floppy style to your bob — it’s got a bit of an 80s throwback look (in a good way!).

    For Sal — I’ve been through a similar experience with weight loss and changing hair color recently, and one thing I can say is that few people can justify (or afford) replacing an entire wardrobe’s worth of clothes to suit a new body style or new coloring. I am also limited by the frustrating fact that I can only choose from clothing in the petites section. That means that my options are severely limited compared to the rest of the department store’s offerings for women and that I’m unlikely to ever find staples like t-shirts at inexpensive stores like Target or Wal-Mart. When you’re limited–whether by money, availability of styles, or just time to shop– the only solution is to wear what you have, re-mixed as best you can for new coloring, and make all of your new purchases based on your new figure/coloring. Over time, my wardrobe is turning over, but it will take a couple of years to get it where I want it!

    • So True Pamela. I realised when I changed my hair that all my clothing was dark, and it’s gradually lightening up, but I love many of my clothes and I’m not about to chuck them out just because I changed my hair, I work at figuring out how to wear them now, with the me I am today.

      • Sorry — I tried to type “flippy” style to your bob, but auto-correct tried to help by making it “floppy”! (Doesn’t sound particularly flattering that way, does it?). 😉

  • Imogen, you look stunning in that blue crochet top — it makes your eyes pop. Might we know where you bought it? Thanks for all your wonderful tips.

  • Hi Imogen, I particularly love the snake print dress and the cobalt crochet top on you. You look bright, fresh and happy! I love cobalt too and wondered if you got the top recently and if so, where from, so I could try to find one.

    Thanks for all your informative posts.



  • Hi Imogen, just want to say how radiant and healthy you are looking. I also like how you are demonstrating how to wear your outfits in a medium contrast way vs high contrast when you were raven haired. Those blues and purples really suit you! Thanks too for reminding us we can ‘break’ the rules whenever we want to. I see Personal style as a way of expressing my personality, how cares if others don’t get it!

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