Figuring Out Your Face Shape – Choosing Earrings


In this post I’ll help you choose earrings according to your face shape. Hopefully after my last few posts you’ve now got more of an idea of your face shape.  Remember, these are guidelines only, and very few faces are exactly shaped.  In many ways, what is most important to figure out is:

Answer these questions about your face shape

  • Is your face:  longer, shorter or medium in length.
  • Is your face: narrower or broader in width.
  • Is your face more angular or curved in appearance.
  • Is your face balanced (similar width at both forehead and jaw) or unbalanced (either forehead or jaw wider)


  • Long and narrow, angular – most likely a rectangle
  • Long and narrow, curved – most likely an oblong
  • Medium length, and width, angular – hexagon
  • Medium length and width, curved – oval
  • Medium length and width but more pointed forehead and chin – diamond
  • Short in length, curved – round
  • Short in length, angular – square
  • Medium in length, broad at chin – triangle or if more curved in shape – teardrop
  • Medium in length, broad at forehead, narrow or pointed chin – heart

I hope you can get an idea of your face shape.

Then remember, where your facial features sit within your face also affects the appearance of the shape, and so of course the hairstyles that are most flattering for you.  As Sonya commented yesterday:

Having known for a while that I have an oblong shaped face, I was mystified as to why bangs and no height in my hairstyle looked so bad on me. Supposedly these would both reduce a too long face (compared to the oval ideal).

The answer depends on where on your face the excess length occurs. In my case I am long between eyes and chin but normal length above. So, reducing the length of my forehead/upper portion of face just emphasized the longest (most out of proportion) part.

This might help some others who also find that some of the standard corrections make things worse!

Thanks Sonya for taking the time to comment. This is one of the reasons figuring out a face shape is so difficult and why the rules don’t necessarily work.

While Pearlaceous commented: This is brilliant, Imogen! Thank you so much, although I spent far too long looking at that hairstyle site you recommended yesterday! And – sonya, you are so right! Now I know I am an oblong with a high forehead – that’s where all my extra length is! LOL! I *need* a fringe! between eyes and chin but normal length above. So, reducing the length of my forehead/upper portion of face just emphasized the longest (most out of proportion) part.

So now you will have a better idea of your face shape and the hairstyles that will work better with it (given of course all the factors mentioned in this post, about hair texture etc.).

Now – which earrings to choose?

Earrings can help to balance your face, especially your chin/jaw and the length of your face.  As far as length goes, unless your personality is very dramatic, avoid earrings that fall past the end of your chin.

Earrings for your faceshape

Look for earrings that relate to the shape of your face to create harmony. Angular earrings suit angular faces and features, curved earrings suit curved faces and features.

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  • Definitely studs, studs that stay right where I place them. I have now come to the conclusion, that I´m an oblong, and can´t stand anything hanging `south´. Next week, when I have my hairdresser, I´ll ask her to cut my hair 1 cm shorter than the regular cut, just long enough to pull it on a small bun. Maybe I can pull some of the shorter hair in sight on my forehead to soften the look.I´ll ask her to use a few more shades of brown to get the coloring right ( not perm. color). Thanks for making all this thinking able for me through your posts, Imogen!

  • Brr, aren't dangly earrings scary? I'd be terrified of them getting caught on something (or by a child) and having my ear ripped …

  • long between eyes and chin but normal length above

    *Light bulb* ah, this explains so much! Especially why I think I don't look good with a thick horizontal fringe.

    Great information on the earrings! I think the last couple years I've been instinctively choosing the best style for my face, a medium length

  • Very oblong with a 1:2+ face. Long chin, high forehead, shortish nose. Ah well, at least my hair suits my face (short, asymmetrical, longer on top and partially covering my face).

  • metscan, I'm guessing you like studs because you have big exquisite diamond ones 🙂

    Substantial gem-set studs (at least 7mm) are hard to find- but they are out there in other gems, e.g., like amethyst, peridot, topaz, pearl. I say, if you are a grown woman, they begin at 7mm and up. But even petite, delicate women can rock a substantial stud.

  • Duchesse: I also wear my simple amethyst studs. I find this color really charming. I have always worn studs, and feel completely naked without them. And yes, I wear the D-ones too and feel completely dressed ; )

  • Dangley earrings are gorgeous, but if you’re trying on things in a dressing room, yep, they do get caught and can be a tad painful…and that’s 5 months after piercing.

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