Personal Colour Analysis
274: Your colour questions answered about colour palette, high contrast, matching shoes, and colour values.
Q 1: Curious how many crossover colors there are amongst your pallets. Or, about how many are shared between them?
Q2: How does your hair colour affect your palette. For example, if I was to return to my white/grey hair back to my original natural dark strawberry blonde/reddy brown colour, would that make me a different palette. I understand that it would affect my contrast but would it mean that I become a different palette? I know lots of people change palette as they grey, and logically it works the other way around too. Today my hair is blue (just for a moment – won’t last) and I’m wondering if that affects it too, and how.
Q3: Does having a summer tan/some color allow you to wear higher contrast or darker colors in your pallet if you have a recommendation of overall light?
Q4: If you don’t want to match your shoes to your pants or hair, is it best to choose a color that is a skin enhancer or eye enhancer or something else altogether?
Q5:. For a V-shape – is an inner or outer column best? How different can the values be between top and bottom to still be effective but also meet my body shape goals? (lighter on bottom).

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