Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
265: Colour and Style Q&A: Expressing Who You Are, Ageless Style, and Wardrobe Organisation.

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0.08 I want to learn better how to express who I am without being obsessed with my appearance and not to be invisible unless I choose to be. As an older women, it is easy to be overlooked, but I’m not interested in being dramatic as a means of countering that bias. I don’t object to it in other, but my own style is more understated. I struggle most with hair and makeup.
8.28 I’ve no idea what is suitable for my age – which is 52 – I’d like to be more elegant.
12.03 I have too much stuff that I picked up on sale that is now so unorganized that I can’t see what I have. How can I organise my wardrobe?

Expressing Who You Are

How to Dress So Nobody Notices Your Flaws

Using Yin and Yang in Clothing Design to Balance Your Appearance

How to Express Your Personality Through Your Personal Style

Mature but Elegant Dressing Style

Choosing the Right Fabric to Look Elegant and Stay Cool

How to Look Modern, Sophisticated and Stylish as You Age

6 Ways To Add Allure To Your Outfits Without Being Overtly Sexy

Wardrobe Organisation

How to Create An Ordered Wardrobe (and why you want one)

7 Popular Wardrobe and Outfit Planning Apps Reviewed

4 Organising Tools to Get Your Scarves and Underwear More Organised

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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