273: How to rebuild your wardrobe
Reader’s question: “I’m am at a weird place in life where I get to ‘start over’ with my wardrobe after kids and losing almost everything due to black mold exposure. I am trying to have a plan for how to start on a wardrobe that better reflects the real ‘me’ to the world.
I am a mom, but also a lead singer/songwriter and web designer. I have sung as a lead singer for rock bands, but I am not much into the skulls and crossbones/snakeskin stuff. I love natural materials (cotton, wool) and my coloring is medium in value.
My question is: how do you dress more Rebellious when black all over is a little overpowering for your coloring? Do I stick with black on the bottom and grays up top? I still love rock band T-shirts, leather stuff, metals, etc. but I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard. I also have elements of Creative, Natural personality styles and am a hopeless romantic. I am a hodgepodge!”

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