Colour Personality – 1. Neutral – Classic


Following on from yesterday’s post on finding your colour personality preferences, today we’re going to look at the first catetory – the neutrals.

Those of you who tend to choose neutral colours, shying away from most colours of the rainbow can be described as liking the colours of the classic style.

Classic clothing is traditionally neutral in colour.    Wearers tend to prefer to be more understated and not draw too much attention to themselves.  Bright colours make them feel uncomfortable.

They like the simpleness and class of neutrals.  No spending lots of time worrying about if colours go together or not.  

Classic clothing tends toward the structured, smooth, low-textured, but this aspect of the clothing style may not appeal.  Classic jewellery is traditional in it’s materials and construction, this also may not appeal.

You may just incorporate the low-keyed nature of neutrals with another clothing personality style.  

Some prefer to wear the same shade of neutral head to toe, whilst others like to mix up their neutrals.

Just remember, if you have a warm complexion to look for warmer neutrals, from browns and warm greys, to deep olive and camel.  If you have a cool complexion try greys, navy, rose beige, white, charcoal, deep rose brown and black.

There are many neutral options and you can still wear a variety of shades, whilst sticking to a neutral palette.

Some of the words you may use to describe some of your personality traits include:

  • Organised
  • Professional
  • Mature
  • Responsible
  • Sensible
  • Conservative
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy

But even if you don’t identify with all these words, you may find one rings true for you.  If you were all of them then you’d be attracted to the Classic style as a whole, but if you only find a word or two relate to you, then this may be why only the colour palette attract you and you find other style elements from different personality styles.


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  • Imogen: You are right, I do like the neutral classic and then the pastels in 5. I just didnĀ“t realize, that I can choose from more than one palette.

  • Aaaahhhhh. I tend a little towards the blue from this, but still, just makes me want to say OM…It's not that my personality is like this, though, it's that my personality is so high wire my clothing needs to compensate. For my own mental health, if you will.

  • I am definitely a non-classic neutral lover and, perhaps like Metscan, I love the pale colours of lilac, soft sage, and dusky rose. (I LOVE everything Anne Taylor offers.) I like to make my look interesting by varying texture rather than colour and wearing really different jewellery pieces that are neutral or pastel in tone. The personality traits though are not at all mine. Organized???? Who are you kidding, lol! Great post as usual. BTW, you are warmly invited to add your input to my post today on disguising the strange lumps and bumps that accompany middle age. I know you'll have great ideas outside of my own.

  • I definitely am drawn to neutrals!

    I just returned a green sweater. I loved the cut, but when I put it on it just didn't feel right. I have an olive jacket I really love (bought it with you, Imogen, when you came to LA!) but the sweater was more of a Hunter green. Maybe the color was too cool for me? Thankfully I've finally learned not to keep things I don't love.

  • Metscan – of course you can be more than one thing!

    LPC – I bet there is some of you there – just not all!

    Rosina – your neutrals may come from style 2 rather than 1.

    Tara – the colour green may not have been the right one (or they style may not sit right too).

    Anony – those colours look to be Style 2 colours

  • I definitely need my eyes to be lasered. Yes! I am from group two. All the lovely soft hues of nature and natural lines. No grotty plaids and frills any more.

  • Thanks! So I am 1 and 2 … Yippee.

    – Tall & slim anon (who asked about colors at a link in a previous comment)

  • Hmm. Now I like all of this, but reading the description I'd need a bit more interest via texture or structure, although a lot of personality traits fit … This is a great series of posts, Imogen – thanks!

  • This is me, except for the personality traits. Is there a 'quirky classic'? When I read the following post (natural) had a physical reaction (queasy). And I find if I buy brights, I tire of those pieces so quickly.

  • OMG this is so me. I've had my colors done and sometimes get inspired to buy items in those colors, but they are rarely worn. I default to my blacks, browns, grays and navys. I knew there was more to it than what color looks good with one's eyes, skin and hair, but hadn't thought my way around it enough to discern that all those colors don't go with my personality. Thanks for thsi!

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