Colour Personality – 6. Elegant Chic – Sportive


And finally to no. 6  from the colour personality quiz,  the Elegant Chic and sportive style.

Elegant Chic Colours

This style is more mature and refined than any other.

Classy and traditional though not overly businesslike, you always look polished and put-together.

  • It’s not so high contrast and bold as the Dramatic.
  • It’s brighter than the Feminine style.
  • It’s more colourful than the Classic and less structured and formal, the neutrals are light rather than the Classic darks.

Colours are mixed with lower key neutrals such as camel, white, navy, beige and khaki (rather than the black of the dramatic).

Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the Elegant Chic or Sportive personality style

This personality style fits easily into the lighter and softer palettes as it has a lightness and softness to it that are easy to find in these palettes along with pops of zingy colours.

Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the Creative personality style

Elements of the Elegant Chic Personality Style

This is not for the low-maintenance among us.  This style oozes sophistication.

Think about cashmere and silk, soft and touchable, luxurious fabrics.

There is a boldness of accessory or pop of colour.

The occasional overscale element, but never bold in the dramatic sense.

High quality is the name of the game.

It’s formal but not businesslike, strong and yet soft.

Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the elegant chic personality style


Fabrics flow, patterns are either geometric or stylised.

Other elements you’ll find in this style are good quality fabrics, generally natural fibres.   High-quality real gem jewellery is a must, but never over the top, diamond studs not chandelier earrings for example.

Personality Traits of the Elegant Chic Personality Dressing Style

Personality traits you may relate to:

  • Social
  • Animated
  • Upbeat
  • Traditional
  • Classy
  • Vivacious
  • Charming


Is this you head to toe, or just in small doses?  It could be the quality element, the flow or just the colours that float your sartorial boat!

Discover Your Personality Style

Having a greater understanding of the impact your personality has on what you choose to wear is so influential when putting together stylish outfits that make you feel like the very best version of you.  You can discover both your ideal colours and the part your personality plays on your style through my 7 Steps to Style program.

Dressing Your Elegant Chic Style

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Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the Creative personality style


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  • Wow. These are definitely my colors but not many of them are articles of clothing I would wear. I am too old for a Lily skirt and find much of the other clothing not at all sophisticated. A navy blazer with a made up family crest? A too masculine for me polo shirt?

    Maybe this is the reason I find clothing shopping so difficult. These colors flatter me but the styles do not, and I would never wear them.


    Great series! Thanks Imogen!

  • Something I would loooove to see in the wrap-up post (or later!) is some suggestions of where each type can shop. I find it hard to find relaxed/nature colors in good quality fabrics in size XS, for example.

    – tall & slim anon

  • I wear these colours, but not in a sporty way. I look for items that are sophisticated but fun, often inspired by folklore or Spanish style. I do choose jewel tones which are bright but deep shades.
    Sporty is definitely not something I associate with.
    You are dead on about me not using black though ! I use dark gray, navy and other dark colours as my "neutrals". Also, what you say about texture is spot on, and also about the jewellery ! It´s mostly real silver with semi-precious stones for me.

  • I have a bit of these colours in my wardrobe even though I don't identify with the personality type. I do love a good Lilly Pulitzer skirt.

  • I love color! I'm drawn to 2, 5 and 6. My coloring is very light low contrast, yellow undertones and pink overtones. My favorite color is Red! CMB Spring worked really well for me, and still does but now that I'm moving toward 70 with ivory/grey hair I need to soften the brighter colors in that palette.I don't even own any black shoes.

    I'd love to see more polyvores for these categories that focus on age brackets. Young, middle aged, and "emerita". I enjoy emeritus status in my life and have no problem with the idea of dressing to enhance that status. I like the term better than mutton. I don't want to go toward baggy pants and cutsie tops! I sew, so I can choose a style and make it fit.

  • I like the bold colours but would never wear any of those clothes. I just find a pair of pants & shirt that fits and leave it at that. My colour personality is deep down inside never to be released.

  • When you first presented this serie I didn't know what color personality I was but after your posts I realised that I tend to go for the relaxed colors although sometimes I like more tailored pieces like blazers.
    You're the best 🙂

  • Such a joyful palatte! As a redhead, I tend to go for more muted colours and let my fiery mop provide the brightness, though. And as a tall Extrovert, I find that my personality is plenty loud and when I wear this palatte, I feel as though I am simply TOO MUCH.

  • Oh this is so me! I once went shopping with a friend who commented after I tried on the 35th striped or gingham item. It explains why I like the brand Marco Polo and (some) David Laurence. It is so hard to get more feminine styles in this colour range – they're either too soft a colour, or too dark.
    Thanks for all your tips and hints, Imogen.

  • Hi Imogen,

    You write about ‘colour personality’… well the description is all me… BUT…
    I feel very much attracted to this style personality… but definitely not to this colour personality.

    So how would you describe this style but more for the elegant swatch?

    You mention Lily Pulitzer, is there some person regarding to this style personality but in another colour range?

    • you can do it with your clothing but wear the colours that you like best from your palette. You can up the colour contrast to make the colours appear brighter. Lily Pulitzer is a clothing designer.

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