Colour Personality – 5. Soft – Feminine


Did you choose number 5 in my colour personality quiz as your overriding preference in colour choice?  This is from the feminine style (some call it romantic).

Feminine Personality Style Colours

Colours are soft and pretty, not harsh or bold.  Light blues, purples, pinks, greens, lemons.  Champagne, mushroom and cream, fawn, light grey and beige are preferred neutrals over dark colours like black, brown and deep navy.

Fabrics are also soft and touchable, silk, satin, velvet, cashmere, definitely those enjoyed by the more kinaesthetic.  Drape is also important in the flow of the fabric, never stiff or heavy, instead, you prefer more lightness and with a soft drape.

Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the Feminine personality style

Within any palette, you will find a range of lighter and darker colours.  Whichever palette suits you, if you love the softer, lighter feminine colours, then choose your version of these (they are not always pastels, depending on the colour direction that harmonises with your colouring).


Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the Feminine personality style

Feminine Personality Style Traits

How would you describe yourself as a person?

Some of the personality traits associated with this style include:

  • feminine
  • caring
  • warm
  • nurturing
  • gentle
  • considerate
  • understanding
  • non-threatening

You may find that you resonate with a lot or a few of these words.  If it’s only a few, then you might decide just to use an element or two of the Feminine personality dressing style in your outfits, it could be the feminine fit, a delicate detail, a floral print or a lightness of colour.

Feminine Personality Dressing Style

Other aspects of this style of dress are that the clothes always show off the female form, they tend to have a waisted appearance, never boxy or sack-like.

Details such as lace, frills or flounces, sequins or beading, small floral or nature-inspired pattern may also be found

Jewellery tends to be delicate and pretty, never chunky or bold.  It is likely to sparkle and gleam.

These colour choices tell the world you’re not conventionally ambitious, you don’t want to intimidate, instead, you are warm, nurturing and approachable.  These colours say that you care and are not intimidating or threatening in any way.

Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the Feminine personality style


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Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the Feminine personality style


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  • Definitely me! I love all these pretties. They are like pebbles. The personality comments fit too so I guess I'm a combination of this group and group 1. This is a very interesting series, Imogen!

  • Herein lies my problem. I am so drawn to these types of clothing and colors, but realize what really looks best on me are the neutral or jewel tones in classic styles kind of like Jennifer Aniston style. So I buy a mishmash of clothes and then realize they are wrong. The description of these colors however fits my personality. What a dichotomy!

  • This is strange… I consider myself all those things on the personality list, but I look horrible in those colors and styles. Maybe my body doesn't match my personality? (Or maybe I'm in denial about who I really am… ?)

  • Yes! This be me. Mostly. I tend to base outfits on this personality and toss in pieces from other personalities here and there, depending on my mood.

  • I choose drapeable fabrics and love velvet and cashmere, but not in these colours. So I propose the category, Soft Neutral, if you do not already have it in your deck.

  • LPC – interesting isn't it?

    Rosina – and some group 2 too I think. You and that sea of yours!

    Julianne – maybe you can incorporate them in your life in your interior decorating instead of wrapping your body in them!

    Cindy Kay – you may be drawn to the style, but not the colours (in fact from what I've seen your your blog, you are drawn to the style – like some lace?).

    Jesslyn – great way to dress.

    Tall and Slim Anon – it does have a warmer months feel about it doesn't it? Though I've always been a lover of winter white which fits right in here!

    Duchesse – After I've finished this series I'm doing a wrap up on the colours, I find that most people are a combination of different styles – they may take their fabric drape from one style, colour from another, and clothing style from another, and jewellery or accessories from somewhere else as well! We are mixed and interesting creatures.

  • Really interesting series of posts – I'm definitely a combination of 1 and 4. Now that I've worked that out, I'm hoping it will make shopping more fun and less onerous.

  • Interesting. I think I might fit in here, but who would have thought it? I like classic styles and wear a mix of colours. And I am very matchy matchy. But on the feminine side. Not hard and tough at all. But over frilly doesn't suit either.

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