Fabric – How to Choose Patterns and Prints


Another element of fabric is the pattern or print. How to choose one that works for you?

One of the main influencers on which patterns we may choose is based on our personality, which I won’t get into on this post. But what I will go into here is how to choose a physically flattering print.

Look at your facial features – are they pointed, straight or angular in shape? If so you will look best in patterns made from straight lines, from pinstripes, to checks and other angular geometrics.

If your facial features include large round eyes, generous lips, arched eyebrows and curved cheeks, look for patterns that have a curve, such as florals, squigles, polka dots.

If you have some curved features and other straight or angular features, then look for patterns that have both curved and straight elements such as hearts, paisley and some florals.

Also consider your hair – if it’s very straight and flat, look for straighter patterns to harmonise.

If curly, look for patterns with some curve.

And of course, if it’s a bit wavy, look for a pattern with both elements such as this one.

All dresses from www.nordstrom.com


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  • Thanks for this good post. I never buy big ticket items in prints…I get so incredibly sick of them so fast! I’m fickle you see…

  • I am not a print lover. I only have maybe 5 items in my entire wardrobe that are print. It is very rare that I love a print.

  • While I also don’t use many prints, I get really excited about some — especially paisley! I always thought that related more to being born in the ’60s than my features, but I do have a combination of straight and curved lines in my face. 🙂

    Groovy! (I just wanted to say that.) lol

  • La Belette – whether or not you like print is about your personality – and there are personality types that just don’t get into prints at all.

    Rebecca – baby!

  • I love paisley for a variety of reasons. First, I have both straight and curvy facial features. Also, I have straight hair, while my body type is what I'd describe as a neat hourglass (something like a cross between an X body type and an 8 body type). Lastly, my personal contrast level is medium to high. Paisley prints contain a range of intensities of the same color and create medium contrast look fantastic on me.

  • Hi Imogen, I got here from a recent post link, and the images are not working – perhaps you could add new examples? Thanks

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