The Fashion Trend Item That Works for Every Woman


What is this?  A garment that suits everyone?  Well it’s true.  I think I’ve found it and it’s the kimono duster.

Recently I’ve seen a plethora of kimono style or duster style jackets in stores.  I think they are a brilliant item for your wardrobe as they are easy to wear for every body shape, and if you have a few lumps or bumps they can provide a light 3rd piece to wear particularly in the summer months, or you can layer it over warmer pieces in winter.


They are a really versatile item that can be worn casually with jeans or if you have one from a finer fabric then they can be used to dress up an evening outfit.


styling a kimono duster


You can wear them to work if your workplace isn’t too formal and they can provide interest to an otherwise plainer outfit, or you can play with pattern mixing if that is something you enjoy!

styling a kimono for work



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  • Hi Imogen. I’m a short-waisted 8 shape, short (5′ 2″), and a US size 12/14. While I like this look — and I’d love to add some summer-friendly “heroes” to my wardrobe! — I’m having a hard time imagining how to translate this look to my shape. Is there something I should be looking for, outside of a shorter length? Maybe a sheer fabric so I don’t totally lose my curves? I’m having a hard time imagining wearing this look without it either looking dumpy or looking like I was playing dress-up in adult clothes!

  • I love kimonos and currently have 7 of them with the hope of expanding that number during the year.

    I’m not too sure about the big bat wing style kimono/cardi/jackets that are around, I find excessive material to be a pain to deal with so I look for slimline ones that suit my shape and tastes better.

  • I’m the same as Jewel – I need fitted sleeves; bat wing sleeves sort of shorten my not-long torso and give a sloppy, unflattering look, veering dangerously towards looking more like a dressing gown than day wear.

  • Hmmm, I’m not sure about the whole kimono duster look. The way you’ve styled it looks fabulous and cute, but when I’ve tried one on, I just feel I look fatter and frumpier.

    • It needs a slim fitting ‘under’ so that you don’t look frumpy – it can’t be put over voluminous garments unless you are super slim

  • I think one in a wardrobe is probably enough.

    They look great on skinny young girls who’re doing a vintage kind of vibe, and they’re useful when traveling when you want something to double as a robe and beach cover-up, beyond that I think it’s a style that is dangerously close to the all encompassing MuMu.

    It’s great to have toppers for outfits, as a small-chested gal I can usually use something to bulk-up my topside and if it covers up my bum all the better, but I think an entire wardrobe of them would move you into aging hippie.

  • Imogen, I got so excited when I read the title of your post but I habe serious reservations about a Kimono…
    While I havent tried on a duster recently, I just remember my efforts to look “artsy-hippy” in high school… I have a distinctly pear shaped body, my hips and esp my thighs are two sizes bigger than I wear in tops. I also have a bigger boobs and a small waist – so all in all, not an easy body to fit clothes off the rack and I dont feel comfortable in clothes that dont accentuate my weist. Also, I remember these kinds of dusters to alsways fall off my shoulders, to just flatter around when walking etcetera.
    So…skeptical. But I would love to have some 3rd piece for Sommer, my beloved cardigans just feel too warm. Could you share some tips in how to wear these dusters without losing waist and shoulder definition or height? That would be so helpful!

  • I know they don’t work for sloped-shouldered gals; sadly, I’m one of them. I think if they’re hanging well on shoulders, they can work brilliantly. Other than shoulder pads, is there any way these could work for someone with sloping shoulders; maybe I’ve missed something!

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