5 Fabulous Office Outfits to Wear to Work This Week

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5 Office Appropriate Outfits to Copy - What to Wear to the Office

5 Office Appropriate Outfit Inspirations for the Week

These days few offices have a truly corporate dress code unless they are in the law or finance. There is so much more choice about what to wear to work, and often people have no idea of what to wear.

Over time workplaces have become more casual, and these days are often returning to a slightly more formal dress code. So what can you wear to work to look professional but still approachable?

You will notice I’ve made all the outfits without resorting to black pants (or jackets or tops) once!  Wear some colour and be remembered!


A straight skirt has the yang elements of straight vertical lines which gives you a more professional appearance.  A blouse with a collar can be worn with or without a jacket.  I liked this cardigan as it has a jacket feel, with the comfort of a cardigan.

What to wear to the office


Work Wear Tip:

Wear a blouse or button up shirt with a collar rather than a knit top if you don’t want to add a jacket, a collar makes you look more professional

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