8 Ways to Style a Suit Blazer In and Out of the Office

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how to style a suit blazer in and out of the officeMany of us own suits that we don’t wear that often anymore.  Have you thought about splitting up your suit and styling your suit blazer for other occasions?  It’s common for women to take the skirt or trousers and wear them without the jacket, but how about wearing the blazer in multiple ways.

1.  Power Dress

Style your suit blazer for many occassionsWear it the traditional way as a suit for a strong powerful appearance.  Great for the office, meetings and job interviews as it says take me seriously.

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  • Thanks for sharing your ideas on how to wear a blazer, will try some of them out. Love your shoes, particularly the red boots, the metallic with fine strap & leo-black ones. You have an exquisite taste!

  • Imogen- where would you suggest I buy a blazer? I know that a single breasted jacket that ends at my butt is the best style, but which stores have the best value for money ones? I’ve tried looking online but they all seem a little frou-frou. I want simple, clean and well cut with a reasonable price tag. I am in Melbourne so I realize I have options, but walking aimlessly around shopping centers does not appeal at all! Help please 🙂

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