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Following on with more Inside Out Style readers favourite blog posts.  The ones that have helped them discover and refine their style.

Coreys favourite blog posts - readers favourites - inside out style blog

It’s been fun to learn some “rules” for things I had never thought of before, like patterns for women of different ages.

I am loving striped shirts after having them be a style “no” for so many years.

I love getting access to fashion bloggers with a style similar to mine, which I now know is creative/dramatic with a love for mixing bold colors.

Iris Apel, a style icon for creatives like me, her documentary was inspiring.

Always has been something I love; creative color combos.

Seeing Jill Chivers in all her leopard print clothing was inspiring, it’s a pattern I have found at every price point, it matches all colors in my closet and adds the right amount of funk to my outfits.

My new favorite thing since Evolve Your Style = mixing patterns (especially leopard and stripes!)

I realized I had too many supporting pieces after learning about hero’s (and here.)

Taking a photo helps so much!

I has happy to learn that I can wear a scarf, even though I am short necked (it has turned into a go-to item to take an outfit up to the next level.)

I am still trying to really figure out contrast levels, but it’s fascinatingly scientific.

My makeup has changed too, I loved the red lipstick challenge and have been rockin’ an electric orange lipstick that fits my personality and coloring.

Evolve your Style 31 day life and style changing challenge

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