8 Ways to Wear Scarves the Nina Proudman Way


Nina proudman

It’s so great that you had this post because after just having binge watched 4 seasons of Offspring (any other fans out there?) I’ve been wanting to try the Nina Proudman scarf look but I found if I wear it like she does, it just makes my face look too wide. I’m going to try knotting it further down to get the “V” neckline.

I’d love it if you could post about how to do some fantastic Nina P. looks for those of us who love her style but aren’t as tiny as she is. I’m an X but a full bodied one.

Nina Proudman is the lead character in Offspring – and Australian TV drama and is the TV sister of Kat Stewart who has been featured here on my Stylish Thoughts Series (for those of you who are wondering who she is).  She has a fairly bohemian dressing style that suits her slim X, small busted frame.

What I’ve noticed about her style is:

1. She layers – a tank or t shirt  with a vest (waistcoat) or a little cardigan or jacket.

2. Scarves and necklaces are layered too, but they are usually very slim long scarves with a long pendant or fine chain or two.

3. Relaxed, soft fabrics – nothing is stiff, everything moves.

Wear a Scarf like Nina Proudman

So if you love her style, but want to ensure it works for you, if you’re not as slim and small busted as she is:

4. Go for slim long scarves, wide or stiff scarves will add bulk which won’t be flattering

5. Wear the scarf either looped loosely around your neck once or just left hanging to create two long elongating lines.    This is particularly important if the scarf is adding bulk.

6. Only wear the scarf looped tight around your neck if you have a long neck (more than 1 handwidth)

7. Wear slim fine layers in soft fabrics so they don’t add bulk.

8. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns with your clothing and scarf choices



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  • I love Nina Proudman’s style! And I’m a slim x shape with a small bust. What a great resource! (I hadn’t heard of her before. So many outfits to look at! )

    I’m curious how you classify her bohemian style: relaxed + creative?

      • Sounds like me 🙂 Now, the big question for me is: how to do it at the office! I tend to just err on the side of casual/creative. Mostly I get away with it (I’m sure it doesn’t much *help* me), but it’s hard not to feel out of place mentally and/or dress-wise, depending on the day. A couple of years ago you helped me to avoid suits for client meetings. I couldn’t do it [wear suits]!


        • Can be hard to do at the office unless you have a casual dress code. Maybe rather than little knit cardigans, think about a knit jacket with slightly more structure which will make you look smarter and more professional.

  • Thanks for the Nina scarf post, Imogen! I’m on the hunt for fabulous and colorful long this scarves, which seem to be hard to find. I may need to make my own. I hope you’ll have a few more posts on her style for your more bohemian readers. 🙂

  • All the above mentioned points are really good. I liked the way she wore the scarves in different ways. I am definitely going to try all the styles. I liked the line the most “Don’t be afraid to mix patterns with your clothing and scarf choices”.

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