Colour Personality – 4. Eclectic – Creative


Did you identify with colour style number 4?

These are the Creative Personality Style Colours

Creative colours are varied and don’t come from a particular palette, but more of willingness by the wearer to try out all sorts of interesting mixes of colours, not just red, white and blue together. They are less likely to be very bold or bright, but more subtle and interesting.

Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the Creative personality style


There is no particular palette that you’ll follow, but you may like to mix triads and tetrads, play with split-complementaries or any other colour scheme that arises for you.

Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the Creative personality style

The Creative personality style is more eclectic, innovative, edgy or different from the traditional and will, therefore, choose colours to match their creative energy or mood.

Creative Personality Dressing Style

Often those who choose this also like more unique patterns and mixing patterns too.

Some will also like mixing textures and fabrics for added elements of surprise and interest.

You may like a touch of whimsy or a more bohemian vibe.

Alternatively asymmetry, unusual construction or deconstruction may float your style boat.

You may also like wearable art either in fabrics or jewellery or accessories.   Mixing up the unexpected whether styles of clothing, fabrics or patterns, it’s your imagination that rules the day.

There are no rules for the creative personality as it’s always about expressing your own, unique personality, not following a style rule or maxim.

Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the Creative personality style
Mixing purple and teal – a less common and more creative choice

Creative Personality Traits

Some of the personality traits you may identify with include:

  •  Creative
  • Innovative
  • Original
  • Avant-garde
  • Quirky
  • Imaginative
  • Unique

If you only association one or two of these with your personality, you may want to include small elements or details of creativity in your outfits, rather than sport a head to toe look.

Understanding Your Creative Personality Style

If you’d like to have a better understanding of the creative aspects of your personality style, how else you can express it, how to put your unique style recipe together, what else you need to consider regarding your style, then you can do this as part of my 7 Steps to Style program which takes and in-depth look at the influence of personality on what you wear, as personality is Step 1 of the 7 Steps.  Plus in the program you will also have a colour analysis so you find your ideal colour palette to play with and build your wardrobe around.

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How to Mix Styles

Understanding how your personality influences your colour choices - the Creative personality style


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  • They do not work! It is a joke.I am a painter and when I read the list I found I belong to this category more than any other, the pleasure of mixing textures, colours, styles.
    Your polyvore has something I did'nt expected Imogen. It is a bit… crazy? You must have had fun making it. I see a notion of provocation. I am a softer eclectic-creative. Besides beeing what you point, everything I like has to look a bit… antique, vintage, and has to blend in an interesting way. I admire the "time" the other times would take in sewing well concieved clothes. I must be a nostalgic eclectic-creative, or "old fashion"? To answer Anonymous question: When I work I wear… old stained clothes. I am just figuring out now that I could question what I wear, even buy working clothes and not only wear the ready to get thrown away old stuff.

  • Tall and Slim anon – most creatives don't work in a conservative office environment!

    Also, these polyvores are kind of extreme, there are many ways of doing this in a small way, rather than so over the top!

  • I fall into this category though I have to say that I wouldn't wear anyting from this polyvore. I love creative use of colour but I wear it in classic/timeless styles with simple cuts and sleek lines and without pattern. I consider myself as un-bohemian as one can be. 🙂

    I think with the right kind of clothes you can get away with bold colour choices even in a more conservative office setting.

  • Not my colours. But I always love to see people who can do eclectic/creative. It is lovely to see.

  • I love all these colours in theory but not in practice. That lobster-pot sort of purse is rather intriguing I must say 🙂

  • Rosina – i can see you with the lobster pot purse too! It fits with your natural/sea theme!

    Belette – no, not you (or j crew!).

    Anon – this is a rather extreme version of creative – you can do it in a much more modified way!

  • I am also with Anon 3. I crave quirkiness, but disciplined with a good measure of the classic (e.g. unique colours – but tailored cuts and non-loud fabrics).

    I also work in a conservative environment. The best example I can think of that satisfies the demands of formalwear and the people who populate this category is Paul Smith. Think pinstripe suit – with a psychedelic print lining, etc.

  • I am with Anon 3. I need quirkiness, but I also want to discipline that with the classic.

    What to wear to work: think Paul Smith. A black pinstripe suit – with a psychedelic print lining… etc.

  • I'm having difficulty with the term "Colour style" as there seem to be at least three at work here: palette, styles and fabrics. I see a lot of "Creative" here, but in black and gray. Though not so much in pastels 🙂

  • You've hit the nail on the head, Imogen; I see much of my style in this color personality. And you're right; creatives do not typically choose careers that require conservative dress; I know I would simply wither in such an environment.

  • I am doing a new wardrobe and this is a style I like. If going into an air conditioned restaurant or movie, what style/color of jacket or cardigan would you wear with the longer, loose tops?

    • Ash – really depends on the top – there is no one hard or fast rule. You may find a shorter more fitted cardigan or jacket works better than something else that is long and loose.

  • I identify with the style but not the color part of #4. I wear lots of neutrals, not many patterns, often dress monochromatically. But I also like interesting cuts, feminine shapes, and cool accessories, especially necklaces and shoes. I think the result is creative and elegant. I used to think it was also approachable but now I think it can sometimes be intimidating (funky shoes can be scary, I guess). I don’t mind that! I am so soft in voice and coloring that a little “yang” from my outfit is often helpful. I am a professor and like to keep my students on their toes!

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