Carol’s Favourite Blog Posts


Readers favourite blog posts
Readers favourite blog posts

Following on in my series of reader’s favourite posts, here are Carol’s list.

Not in any particular order as all blogs great;
Column of colour – I take notice when I am putting on a vest or jacket as to what I am wearing on the bottom
Choosing colours when you have grey hair and warm skin – This post acknowledged that warm skinned people have grey (coolish) hair.
– Why colour analysis has evolved past the seasons. – for many years I knew I didn’t fit the seasons and even the expanded seasons. I am light warm soft. I might have been Spring but am now older and softer. This was an extremely important post for me. I still see other bloggers posting seasonal analysis but I really wonder if they understand how limited it is. (it should have been 8 ‘seasons’ from the start if their maths was right but even then contrast levels are not taken into account)
– All posts on colour and value contrasts
– All posts on neutrals
Our colouring changes with age
Thanks for all posts over the years. My journey is becoming more settled as I understand myself better. I may not be stylish but I am comfortable and I am wearing greater percentage of my clothes than before.


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