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Recently I’ve been sharing some of my readers favourite blog posts, the ones they have found have really shaped their styles (Katie, CarolCorey, Ruth, Kaira, Celine’s favourites) and it got me wondering what were the most read posts of 2015 by all my lovely blog readers?  So I delved into my Google Analytics to discover the results and which were the most read, most popular posts I wrote in 2015.

Most popular posts on body shape and style

Top 13 Most Popular Posts of 2015 (from content written in 2015)

  1. Best Skirt For Your Body Shape
  2. Essential skirt length and shoe selection guide
  3. Body Shape Bibles  – Get Your Body Shape Bible here
  4. Printable Guide to Creating Wardrobe Capsules
  5. What Does Knowing Your Body Shape Really Tell You?
  6. Best Pants For Your Body Shape
  7. How to Take a Good Selfie Photo
  8. 5 Ways to Style a Skirt
  9. Value Contrast and Your Value
  10. What Type of Pants Suit Knock Knees and Curvy Calves

It was interesting to me that the most commonly read posts were mostly related to body shape or some aspect of dressing your body shape.

So what were your favourite posts of 2015?

Please share in the comments!

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