My Most Popular Posts for 2013



What did you read here in 2013?  Having dug through my analytics here are my top 13 posts in 2013 – and here they are – in case you missed any of them.

  1. How to Pose for Photos
  2. Who Suits a Pixie Haircut
  3. How to Choose a Necklace to Work with Your Neckline
  4. Real Life Body Shapes – 8 Shape
  5. How to Remove Scuff Marks from Patent Leather 
  6. 13 Ways to Wear a Pashmina 
  7. Real Life Body Shapes – X Shape
  8. How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget
  9. How to Wear Skinny Jeans 
  10. Open Toes and Hosiery – Should You or Shouldn’t You
  11. How to Figure Out Your Body Shape
  12. How to Choose Boots for Your Body Shape
  13. 8 Top Tips for Dressing a Short Waist 


The most popular categories of blog posts were:

Colour Guide – everything you wanted to know about colour and more!

Body Shapes Explained – pics of real life body shapes (not celebrities) to help you find your body shape

Body Shapes Explained – how to determine your body shape

Body Proportions Explained – how to determine your body proportions, which are just as important as finding out your body shape

Interestingly,many of these posts were from previous years – what are the posts that you found most useful in the past year?

photo credit: CutandChicVintage via photopin cc


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  • Hi Imogen,

    Happy New Year 2014! Been a fan of yours for quite sometime and I love your insightful guides.
    Just to let you know most of your links are pointing to ‘not found’ or maybe something is wrong with my browser.

  • I said it before but I am going to say it again–I haven’t seen any other stylist tease out the high, round hip issue the way you have…the “figure 8” body type. So I’m not surprised to see that being one of your top posts. Your articles on the high hip-figure 8 type really helped me see my body in a new way, not fat and squat but just super curvy right below the waist and needing to be clothed in a certain way.

    Thanks again so much for that 🙂

  • I especially loved the videos on color and style with Jill Chivers. You are doing a terrific job with this blog and I thank you!

  • I love everything you do with petite and styles for short waisted people. So glad to see you are doing more videos–I love those!

  • I’m not surprised to see that “How to Choose a Necklace to Work with Your Neckline” ranked 3: I personally refer to it all the time, it’s my necklace dictionary/thesaurus/encyclopaedia, it changed my life (well, at least the way I accessorize…)

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