The Quick and Easy Way to Keep Your Dark Denim Dark


How to Keep Your Denim from FadingIf you want to stop your dark denim from fading.  Set the colour in your dark denim jeans before you wear them. Set the colour by handwashing them in a bucket of cold salty water (use 1 cup of table salt) before you machine wash them.

Then they will stay looking fresh and new for way longer and they will hold their colour much better.



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  • You can do this in your washing machine as well. Just heavily salt the wash water and run them through a cold (only) wash cycle. You should always run denim through the wash alone the first time anyway, since the indigo color can fade onto other clothing.

  • I’ll have to try this with my new jeans. For older already faded jeans I’ve had success re-dying them. I use one packet of denim color dye and half a packet of black dye and then I soak them in a bucket for a couple of hours.

    Made a mess but the jeans came out looking brand new! This does work best with jeans that have some synthetic fabric (the little white strands). 100% cotton tend to take on a purple hue because the cotton absorbs too much dye.

    It was cheaper than buying new jeans. Plus I could keep wearing my favorite pair of jeans without having to worry about looking scruffy.

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