Style is a Journey Not a Destination – 7 Ways to Define Your Style


What's Your Style?

Over the years I’ve been working as an image consultant I’ve realised that style is a journey, not a destination. When I started image consulting I worked through a process to discover my style personality, but since then it has kept evolving.

During my time in the corporate world and working in large business institutions, my style was more classic. I favoured suits and plain collared shirts or knit tops, small and discreet jewellery. Classic and a bit relaxed would have been my style.  Now my feet are always feminine, my jewellery generally has an element of drama and the rest of me is a combination of dramatic, feminine and creative, though I do like to be comfortable too.  It’s a long way from my old much more classic style.

To help you develop your style I’ve collect some of my posts on creating personal style:

Where does Confidence Come From?

Confidence Comes from the Inside Out

Who are You? 
What Do You Do? 

What’s Your Style?

Defining Your Style

How to Be Stylish


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  • This is a great set of articles. I do not have time right now to read them all, but going to sit down this weekend with a cup of tea, and a notepad and finally sort out my style….Thank you!!

  • This post made me reflect on a style quandary: I have difficulty creating my own style because I have such a professional job and such a relaxed character, as in, the juxtaposition almost makes it difficult to commit to either one, and I find shopping to be quite harrowing. It’s hard to build a wardrobe when half of it doesn’t mesh with the other half.

    • Jess – when you have such different requirements, sometimes you need to actually separate your work wardrobe completely from your personal wardrobe, don’t expect there to be crossovers. A more expensive option, but sometimes necessary.

      • I have got to agree with Imogen here – I work as a lawyer (albeit now in a casual company) but am at heart a jeans and old-tshirt gal so often a combined wardrobe is impossible. Not to mention the fact that when you are dagging around at home you can end up with foodstains on your clothes, either from kids or cooking (not a good look in the office). One thing I have tried to do over time is choose accessories which crossover my two worlds and better express my personality. For me, a chunky bold couloured necklace can work as well with shirt and leggings as it can with a corporate suit.

  • I was a bit disappointed when I first realized there wouldn’t be a ‘destination’. I thought I could just get it done and forget about it. But circumstances change, I change, styles will change, so it’s really ongoing … The good part is that it gets a little easier on further iterations just because of previous experience.

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