5 More Ways to Break the Style Rules


The other day I posted on breaking the style rules, and I thought that I’d post some more ways to do it.  Knowing your rules (or as I like to think of them – as Style Guidelines) is great as you will be more empowered when making choices shopping (hello?  how much money have you wasted on clothing that you look back on that you either didn’t or rarely wore, or that when you saw yourself in a photo wearing it thought “what on earth?”) and when putting outfits together.  Knowing your style guidelines or rules means that you can choose how you want to express your style based on your style personality, your body and unique features.

How to break the Style Rules

Go on! Break the Style Rules

1. Don’t match shoes and handbags – different is interesting.
2. Don’t match earrings and necklaces – sets are dull, look for relevance and reminiscence, without that matchy-matchy vibe.
3. Wear heels if you’re tall – so many tall women feel they can’t wear them – you tower above us all anyway – what does a bit of extra heel matter?
4. Wear red – or a variation of any colour you’ve been told you can’t wear – there is a variation of every colour for everyone (though for those with cool skin your best variation of orange is brown), other than that, there are both warm and cool versions of pink, red, green, blue, purple and yellow – revel in colour it’s supposed to be fun.
5. Have short legs but love 3/4 length pants? Wear them in a stone/beige/skin colour with a low vamp shoe and they won’t have that leg shortening effect.
What other ways do you like to break the rules?

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5 ways to break the style rules and look fabulous


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  • Wear and empire waist even if you have boobs – just make sure that it cuts at the right spot and has a slimming drape and fabric! (And do it in a solid colour!)

  • I enjoy this series, Imogen. I'm a redhead (unnatural) and wear red and coral as long as they flatter my complexion. Actually, I find that I have a much easier time wearing color after starting to color my hair red a few years ago. I felt pretty mousy when it was its natural dirty blonde color, and now I have the option to wear lots of colors that compete with my hair, or wear more neutral shades & let my hair take center stage.

    Another rule that I break is sometimes wearing tops with ruffles or buttons or detail on the chest, which I've often heard is a no-no for bust women. I try to make sure that the scale isn't too bulky or overwhelming, and I like it best when the ruffles create an elongating vertical line.

  • I hate matching set of jewelry and handbag/shoe matching. Today I wore a maxi dress (a no-no since I'm only 5'4) with an empire waist (another no-no since I'm a 38 DDD) + it has an allover vivid colored print(gasp!) I got many compliments on it because I can pull it off with my funky and fun personality.

  • The rule I break is that I am all matchy-matchy with my bag and shoes and with jewelry sets.

    If you think that makes me dull than you clearly aren't paying any attention to what else I'm wearing or saying.

  • K.Line – I'm not sure where this 'don't wear empire waist if you're booby' rule came from, because in my book it can work really well on the busty (as long as the line doesn't cut across the mid bust point!).

    Kari – you've created more colour contrast in your appearance with your red hair, than when you were dark blonde – which makes colour more exciting!

    Anon – see my answer to K.Line re empire waist!

    Aurelia – you don't have to break any rules – some people like to wear matching and it suits their personality to do so.

  • I wear brown with black. And grey with black and white and navy blue. And white with brown.


    I love mixing neutrals to create an all neutral look that is really chic and sophisticated

  • Just great Imogen ! I especially love the three first rule breakers. I have also found out, that I can wear my big, tahiti+south sea pearls with ordinary faded jeans and then again a modern funky necklace with a more festive dress. Due to our climate here, a coat is a necessity for most seasons, and for downtown wear I tote one of my ( few) designer bags and feel quite dressed up. Wearing polished shoes also gives me a lift, and costs nothing. Wearing my hair on a sort of nonchalant small bun and wearing sunglasses ( only when there is sunshine ), is liberating too. I don´t want to have a too perfect hair-do. I can make my legs seem even longer by wearing shoes ( with heels ) and shoes with a same color. I don´t like to wear a too perfect make-up. If I use a lot of color on my lips, I go easy with my eyes ( but I do pay attention on my eye brows ). Although I´m a `dark summer ´, I sometimes use a bit of orange lip gloss on my lips. Last, but not least, I have found out, that it is great to concentrate on only one show stopper on your outfit. It may be a piece of jewelry, dress, coat, bag- certainly not all of these at the same time.

  • OMG – I just discovered your blog – what a wonderful idea. A lot of this stuff I know through years of experience and just intuition, but how great that you're putting it all down in clear, succinct terms! Can't wait to read more.

  • Hi again ! One more suggestion for you Imogen. Could you do a post telling what rules you won´t break ever? It would be so much fun. Thanks !

  • For me breaking the rules would mean MATCHING my jewelry items or handbags/shoes.

    Someone told me once, very seriously that one's jewelry should not add to more than three (earrings counting as one)- so, earrings, watch, one ring equal the allowed three. What a tight-assed rule! I break it all the time!

  • ClaireOKC _ thanks so much for coming by and commenting!

    Karen – when was drinking wine before 5 an unbreakable rule?
    and isn't winter white made to be worn after labour day? It would be terrible in Australia not to be able to wear white after labour day – as in some states that's at the start of spring!

  • Duchesse – I've heard that rule – but it was something like 7 accessories – and that included handbag and shoes! Who makes up these rules eh?

  • Wouldn't the ability to follow or break rules largely depend on one's personality and on one's occupation/career? Some people are more able to be creative than others. Seems like every time I try to do something creative, I end up looking stupid. I seem to do best with mostly classic clothing and a few trendy accessories. For the most part, trendy is not a look I can carry off. Then again, both my husband and I work in conservative fields where we can't get away with anything too different from what is considered "the norm."

  • Love wearing “fancy” piled on necklaces with my most worn jeans and a simple tee!Or a really stellar dressed up jacket/blazer with my boyfriend jeans and cami….keep ’em guessing!

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