Think Pink – How to Pick the Undertone of Pink


From clothes, patterns, shoes, headwear, bags and jewellery – add a little pink to your life.

There are so many ways to use colour in your outfit.   Pink is a versatile colour,  the right shade of pink will make you look fabulous as it’s a skin enhancer.

How to Choose a Warm or Cool Pink

How to distinguish the undertone of pinkPink comes in many guises – there are both warm and cool versions so choose one that is like your natural blush colour and it will enhance your skin no end!

  • Warm pinks have a little yellow added and would be called more coral, peachy or blush.
  • Cool pinks include a little blue (in their brighter incarnations – the hot pink) or are red with a lot of white (tinted) to the ‘baby pink’ end of the spectrum.

As you can see in the image above, that there are lighter, darker, brighter and more muted versions of both warm and cool undertone pinks.

What are the best pinks to wear?

  • The pink that is most similar to your natural blush.
  • The pink that is most similar to your lip colour.

These are easy to wear and make you look gorgeous!

Want to find out your perfect pink?  Discover this and so much more as part of my 7 Steps to Style program which includes your personal colour analysis.

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  • I’m trying to keep up with all of you and updated my blog just now. But I think you said it so well, it all comes down to finding the right shade of pink. Anyone can wear pink, but those with warm colouring should avoid fuchsia, as much as cooler people should steer clear of baby-powdery soft pinks.

      • Yes, thank you. Ever since you’ve drawn my attention to Kate Middleton’s colouring and how it was v often not whether it was a warm or cool colour that didn’t suit her but the brightness, I’ve been trying to pay attention to the muted/bright component of colour. I am now more confident regarding what colour is cool vs warm, light and dark is fairly obvious, but trying to pay attention to the softness/clearness of the colour too, as it’s a very important aspect as well I find but I disregarded it in the past.

  • Although I’m late – here’s my pink Friday outfit:

    I’m not very good with facebook, so I hope using the comment section is OK?

    The pink theme was right down my alley – I have so much pink in my wardrobe. It’s such a happy colour, and as long as it’s the right one, it’s very flattering. I also find it easy to mix with lots of other colours, so an easy challenge for me. Now, I’ll go and plan Saturday’s denim outfit!

  • I tried something different today. I put things together that I wouldn’t normally, and I’m pretty happy with how it went. I took a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I put a photo of it on my blog.

    I have a problem for tomorrow though. I have absolutely no denim. May have to take a pause for a day.

  • I’ve chosen to start from the hardest pink piece in my wardrobe: an old and stained pink button-up that’s on its way to the garbage bin. I’m wearing it under a red dress, with violet tights, a chunky-knit belted black cardigan and flats. The stain is not visible 😛 I’ve accessorized with a colorful felt brooch in the shape of a flower that ties all the colors together and the same classic jewellery I wore yesterday (pearl necklace and diamond studs). I feel very chic! 😀

  • Imogen, you look amazing in pink! I have been wary of pink in recent years, however your post has inspired me to look for the right shade of pink for ME!

    What is tomorrow’s challenge? (No need to answer as I’ll check it out in a minute!) Hopefully it will be a bit easier as I have a very busy day ahead of me!

  • Imogen, that was very helpful to me. I am a summer and I had a lot of warm pinks in my closet. I am going to try to dye them a cool pink with dyes from a website I just found ( Would you do more posts comparing warm and cool tones of different colors… blues, purples, greens, teals, aquas, burgandys, reds, and browns? It would be very helpful to me as I am not as perceptive of color differences as you are. I did not score as well as you did in that color test on your site. Thanks.


  • Hi Imogen,

    Wow you look fantastic! Could you explain what you mean when you refer to yourself as a smooth and shiny person so not liking lace please? I imagine its something about the level of texture that suits you but would love to get a fuller explanation.


    Marylee Z

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