112: How to Distinguish Between Fads, Trends and Classics in Fashion

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What is a fashion classic?  

How do you figure out what is going to be a fashion fad vs a fashion trend?

How long do fads, trends and classic really last?

Fashion Classics

Not to be confused with the Classic personality dressing style, fashion classics are garments that change very little over time in construction, shape, and style.  

Examples of fashion classics would include the trench coat, the Breton (striped tee) jersey top, crew neck cardigans leopard print, tartan and the white, button-up collared business shirt.  It would be hard to distinguish a one made 20 years ago and one available today.

Classics last a long time in your wardrobe – 10 years or longer.

Love a classic garment?  Make sure you still stay modern with these tips.

How to Distinguish Between Fads, Trends and Classics in Fashion

Classic pencil skirt, but in a creative pattern. White button shirt (classic) with v- neck sweater – trend and ankle boots – trend

Fashion Trends

These are staple trends that are in fashion world for a minimum of 2 years and often up to around 7 years.

The trend influences the current fashion silhouette.   Examples of fashion trends would be skinny jeans, maxi skirts, jumpsuits, florals and cape coats.

Why are florals not classics?  Because they change in expression quite drastically over time.  The floral of the 80s is not like the floral of the 90s, which is not like the floral of today.  

Trends become trends as they are easy to wear and flattering for many women and suit more body shapes.

How to distinguish between classics, trends and fads in fashionFashion Fads

These are fashions that are harder to wear as they are not as flattering for the majority of women, or there is something extreme about them.  Fads include fluro colours, cropped tops,  the really oversize garment, huge collars, hot pants, Victorian-style blouses, sequin skirts for daywear, wide culottes.

If more women want to minimise hips, hide tummies, and generally look taller and slimmer whilst being comfortable in their clothing. Then anything that doesn’t meet these needs will turn quickly into a fashion fad and come and go from wardrobes in much less time.


What to Do if a Trend Doesn’t Suit You?

There are always lots of trends in the marketplace.  You don’t have to wear all of them.  Something will be good for you out of what is available.

Just wear more classics and the trends that do suit you and avoid the fads and trends that don’t flatter.

Here are some tips on deciding if a fashion trend is for you or to be avoided.

Tips on how to balance fashion trends with figure flattery.

Or, go creative – the more creative your style, the less it says any sort of era.  

Do You Embrace the Trend or Are you a Laggard?

Depending who you are, you may be an early adopter of fashion trends, somewhere in between, or a laggard, coming late to any fashion trends.  Here is a post that can help you figure out where you are on this continuum. 

Why You Need To Update Your Wardrobe Every Year

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