100: Colour and Style Q&A: Tips on seasonal colour changes, pastel, balance point

In This Episode

0.08 How to deal with seasonal colour changes which affect my contrast and ideal value?
1.41 What is a pastel
4.33 Where should statement necklaces sit on your balance point? Top, middle or bottom?

Ideal Value, Colour and Value Contrast

What’s Your Ideal Value and How it Creates Balance in Outfits

The Power of Colour and Value Contrast

How to Find Your Ultimate Colour Contrast – Your Three Step Process

Colour Properties – Pastels

Understanding Colour – Tints, Tones and Shades

Understanding Colour Properties

Balance Points

Understanding Balance Points and How They Influence Your Choice of Neckline


How to Find Your Balance Points – For Necklines and Jewellery

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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